Must Know Headlines


This Week in Chicago: Toddler, Two Pre-Teens Shot In Head

Yet Another State Without Any Fracking Is Trying to Ban It

Legal Immigrant, Venezuelan-Born Mom Runs For
West Virginia State Senate To Stop Socialism

Korean Tourists Slapped, Robbed And Threatened
In Migrant Suburb In Paris During Traffic Jam

U.N. Climate Activist Admits Goal Is To Overthrow Capitalism

ILLEGAL Immigration

Immigration Groups Demand Freedom
For Illegal Immigrant Gang Member

California Governor Spends $25 Billion Per Year On
Illegals, Officials Warned Dam Failing 12 Years Ago

Illegal Refugees Now Streaming Across Quebec-New York Border

ICE Arrests 51 In Austin During Two-Day Op


The Left’s Alinsky Plan To Destroy
The Trump Administration

Report: Obama’s Organizing For Action Is Training
Army of Agitators To Sabotage Trump (Video)

Obama’s Shadow Presidency

Unions Gave $10 Million To Labor Committee Dems

Top California Dem: ‘Half Of My Family’
Could Be Deported By Trump Order

Explosive New Hacking Scandal Has Democrats’ Fingerprints

Michael Flynn

Former Obama Officials, Loyalists
Waged Secret Campaign To Oust Flynn

Pelosi (D) Has Never Sounded Crazier: Spent Two Minutes
Doubling Down On Fake Michael Flynn Tweets

Flynn Was Reportedly About To Publicize
Details Of The Iran Deal Obama Kept Hidden

House Intelligence Committee Chair:
Leakers of Flynn Call ‘Belong In Jail’

Ingraham: Flynn Leaks ‘The Stuff Police States Do’

Democrat-Activist Media

Limbaugh: Media’s ‘Political Assassination’ Targeting Trump

Open Borders Advocates Continue Fake
News Campaign Against ICE

CBS Actually ‘Jokes’ About Brutally Killing Trump Adviser

Davi To Hollywood Elite: Invite ILLEGAL Aliens And
Refugees To The Oscars….Or You’re Racists!

George Clooney: U.S. Not Taking In Enough
Syrian Refugees, We Need To ‘Do More’

Univision Anchor Smears Trump’s
Top Hispanic Media Aide

Univision’s Ramos Tells Hannity Illegal
Immigration Has Reduced Crime

Nets Ignore Humana Announcement
To Pull Out Of Obamacare For 2018

Fake News CNN Goes All In: Claims Trump Advisers
Had Constant Communication With Russia


City Won’t Let Pregnancy Center Open Next To
Abortion Clinic To Save Babies From Abortions