Must Know Headlines


Putin’s TV Says Trump More Dangerous Than N. Korea’s Kim

FBI Launches Terrorist Probes In All 50 States

‘Allahu Akbar:’ 3 People Dead In Fresno
Shooting Spree Targeting White People

Planned Parenthood Killed Woman In Botched
Abortion That Left Part Of Her Baby Inside Her

Police Unmask Antifa Thugs – Rip Off Their Masks –
At Auburn Protest, Fights Break Out (VIDEOS)

Tucker Carlson Leaves Socialist Professor Stuttering After
She Argues That The Wealthy Should Pay 80% Taxes (VIDEO)

Video || College Kids Shutting Down Speech

ILLEGAL Immigration

U.S. Border Officials Suspected Of Working With Drug
Smugglers, Says Border Patrol Council President

Officials Defy Trump’s Promises: 40 Miles
Of Border Ordered Unpatrolled

Seattle Doling Legal Aid For Illegal Aliens

Yet Another Brutal MS-13 Attack Shows
Need For Crackdown On UACs

ICE Captures “Most Wanted” Illegal Alien:
Convicted Sex Offender

New York Towns, Cities Follow AG’s Order To
Adopt Illegal Alien Sanctuary Laws


All Of A Sudden Liberals Care About
Govt. Spending (On Securing Border)

Elizabeth Warren’s Book Says Socialism
Will Work Like It’s Never Worked Before

Leaderless Democrats Lost In The Wilderness

Democrat-Activist Media

MSNBC’s Malcolm Nance Nominates Trump
Tower Istanbul for ‘ISIS Suicide Bombing’

U.S. Media ‘Spinning Lies’ About
Female Genital Mutilation

Brent Bozell, Brigitte Gabriel Excoriate Media
Blackout Of Female Genital Mutilation Case

AP Removes Fresno Killer’s Allahu Ackbar
And Islam Reference

Fake News Story Of The Day: USA Today Gets
It Wrong, DHS Did Not Deport DREAMer