Must Know Headlines


Border Security Is National Security: 
Yet GOP Leaders Will Still Withhold The Funds
For A Wall Along The U.S./Mexican Border

FBI Investigating Record-High Radical
Terrorist Threats In All 50 States

U.S. Commander: Islamic State Used Chemical
Agent In Attack Near Mosul

Report: Obama CIA Chief John Brennan
Was Behind Trump-Russia Rumors

University of Alaska Anchorage Hangs Professor’s
Painting Of Decapitated President Trump

ILLEGAL Immigration

Tucker Carlson Destroys Cocky ‘Dreamer’ After She Brags About
Using A Fake Social Security Number And Bashes US

Trump Administration Cracks Down
On Gangs, With Focus On MS-13

DHS IG Report: Overloaded Deportation
Officers Missing Opportunities

Soros Group Gave $100K For Illegal Aliens’ Legal Fees

Manual For Sanctuary City Advocates Lays Out
How To Undermine Immigration Crackdown

The Unholy Relationship Between Big Labor And Immigration


Life Insurance For Terrorists?
‘Yes’ Says 1st Female Muslim Lawmaker

LGBT-Promoting Teacher Bans Cross Necklaces In Class

Bernie Sanders Slams Billionaires, Gets Reminded He Owns 3 Houses

Maxine Waters (D): If We Impeach Trump, He Can’t Build The Wall

 Democrat-Activist Media

That ‘First DREAMer Deported‘ Story
Making The Rounds Is Fake News

Guardian Sob Story On Deportation
Of ILLEGAL Alien Ignores Law

Grieving Families of Jailed Palestinian Terrorist
Leader’s Victims Slam NYT For Publishing His Oped

Nets Omit Dem Official Blaming Obama
For Party Failures In Elections

CBS Blacks Out GM Factory Being
Seized By Socialist Venezuela

Jay Z Producing Documentary Series
On ‘Race’ After Trump Election