Must Know Headlines


New ‘Startling’ Seth Rich Murder Case
Info Suggests DC Police/DNC Collusion

Lone Gunman Attacks Border Patrol Checkpoint

Free Of Obama Restraints, Immigration Agents
Make 38% More Arrests In Trump’s First 100 Days

ILLEGAL Immigration

Assaults On Border Patrol Agents Up 120 Percent

State Attorneys To Police: Charge Criminal Aliens
With Lesser Offenses To Avoid Deportation

ICE Arrests Continue To Rise Under Trump’s Strict Enforcement

Feds Hide Report Exposing Failures To Prevent Visa Overstays

Donald Trump

Trump Impeachment Talk Started Before He Was Even Nominated

Hannity: The Swamp Wants To Stop Trump And Stay In Power

Former DOJ Spox: Comey Is Trying To Take Down Trump

Trump To Coast Guard Academy Grads: ‘No Politician
In History … Has Been Treated Worse’ By The Media

REPUBLICAN Lawmakers Fight Over
Who Floated Trump Impeachment First


Obama Shared Intelligence With Russia

We Asked These Dems Why Obama
Offering Intel To Russia Was OK

Obama Actually Did What Trump Is Accused Of Doing


Democrat Dennis Kucinich: “Deep State Is Trying To
Take Down A President – It Is A Threat To Our Republic” (Video)

25 ‘Impeachable’ Obama Scandals Far More Serious Than Comey Firing

Three Times Barack Obama Attempted To Obstruct Justice

Black Marine Gives SCATHING Comments About Obama Legacy

Gowdy Hints At Clinton Wrongdoing: It’s Worse Than You Think—
Explains Why Comey Didn’t Prosecute Clinton

Democrat-Activist Media

WaPo Gets Punked=>Uses GOP Lawmaker’s Joke
To Push Trash Story That Putin Is Paying Trump

Leftist Media Already Calling Sheriff Clarke A Russian Agent

Washington Post’s Chief Correspondent
Trolls Republicans to Turn On President Trump

The Anonymous Sources Of
Washington Post And CNN Fake News

New York Times’ ‘Conservative’
Columnist Calls For Trump To Be Ousted

Maddow Claims New Flynn Development Might Be
The Biggest ‘Presidential Scandal’ Of All Time