Media Attempts To Omit Legal Status Of Man Arrested For Murder Of Muslim Girl


Once again, the media ignores the legal status of an ILLEGAL immigrant murderer in the US.

Daily Caller:

The establishment media’s hasty misreporting and omission of facts relating to the alleged murder of a 17-year old Muslim girl by a 22-year old illegal alien suspect Sunday morning looks like an attempt to push a narrative and not the facts.

Before the details of the brutal murder were able to materialize, The Atlantic did not hesitate in trying to fit the killing into a neatly wrapped narrative, writing “Muslim Americans are mourning—and terrified.” The articles headline boasts “Muslims Feel Under Siege” and included the 17-year old’s murder as one of “two violent incidents” specifically targeting Muslims occurring over the weekend. The other incident was a man accused of ploughing his van into a group of worshippers outside a mosque in London, killing one person and injuring 11.

Far left magazine Affinity wasted no time Monday in proclaiming that “this [murder] is terrorism,” and “it comes with no surprise that bigots” cannot accept terrorism as anything other than “non-exclusive of Muslims.” Affinity doubles down on their extemporaneous reporting, lamenting the fact that hate crime allegations are “still” being investigated despite “evidence that proves” the girl was targeted for her faith. READ MORE

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