Must Know Headlines


40 Instances of Violence Or Violent Rhetoric From
Left Since Trump Was Elected: But The Mainstream Media
Want You To Think Republicans Are Dangerous

A Socialized Medicine Death Sentence:
The Tragic Ordeal Of Charlie Gard

Levin On Single-Payer: Nobody’s Running To Canada,
Britain For Health Care – You’d Be Out Of Your Mind

ILLEGAL Immigration

San Francisco To Pay $190G To ILLEGAL Immigrant
Over Sanctuary Law Violation, Lawyer Says

What Is A Sanctuary City?

If the Media Wants To Win Back Public Trust,
It Can Start Reporting Truthfully On Immigration


BUSTED! Susan Rice Caught in Another Outright Lie
– Only 4 – Not 17 – Agencies Agreed On
Russia Hacking Assessment (VIDEO)

Why Do Democrats Think The Only Way To Win Is To Lie?

Van Jones Response To Nothingburger Video:
Trump Is A Meanie, O’Keefe Is Crazy

It Begins… Democrat Leader Maxine Waters Wants
President Trump Impeached and Then Exiled

John Podesta Has Melt Down During
Interview With Maria Bartiromo

Democrat-Activist Media

NYT Quietly Corrects Huge Lie They
Helped Spread On Russia Story

Nets Dedicate 28X More Coverage To
Trump Tweet Than Kate’s Law Passing

CNN Caught Editing Out Eyewitness
Testimony Of Election Vote Fraud

Mika Brzezinski Called President Trump: Narcissist,
Ignorant, Stupid, Mentally Ill, etc – In Less Than A Minute

Celebrities Melt Down Over Trump’s ‘Morning Joe’
Tweets: ‘You Are a National Embarrassment’

Cosmo Allows Rapist To Walk Free
So It Can Trash Pro-Life People