Must Know Headlines


House Funding Bill Sets Up Shutdown
Showdown Over Trump’s Border Wall

 Refugee Contractors ‘Masquerading As Charities’
Almost Completely Funded By Taxpayers

Man Responsible For Murdering Dogs To Be
Recognized For Football Accomplishments

Trump Jr. Did Nothing Wrong

FEC Targets InfoWars, Drudge, Breitbart

Canada’s Trudeau Rewards Murderer
Omar Khadt With $10,500,00


7-Time Deported ILLEGAL Drives 100 MPH, Kills Man

Fugitive Illegal Alien Charged In 2011 Triple Murder

ICE Director Stares Down MS-13:
‘My Gang Is Bigger Than Theirs’

Extra $600,000 Sought To Combat
Infectious Diseases Among Refugees

Attorney For Serial Deportee Accused Of
Killing Kathy Steinle: It’s The Gun’s Fault

The Economic “Benefits” Of Immigration:
Importing A Haystack To Find A Needle

Slain NYPD Cop

Hundreds Of NYPD Officers Turn Their Back On De Blasio
As He Speaks At Funeral For Executed Cop

Teen Blasted ‘F— Tha Police’ During Slain Officer’s Funeral


Soros’s Son Continues Generous Donations To
Dems with Maxed Out DNC Contribution

Hillary Clinton Campaign Used Ukraine To
Dig Up Dirt On Trump– Media Silent

Hillary Clinton Models ‘Nasty Woman’ Shirt
To Raise Funds For Planned Parenthood

DNC Chair Tom Perez Doubles Down:
Republicans ‘Don’t Give A Sh*t About The People’

Democrat-Activist Media

Russia News Coverage: We’re Watching
People Lose Their Minds

FAKE NEWS: AP Instructs Writers to Avoid Words
Like ‘Pro-Life’, ‘Refugee’, And ‘Terrorist’ (VIDEO)

LOL: Scarborough: ‘I’m Not Going To Be A Republican Anymore’

Nets Consumed By Don Jr. E-Mails,
Dominates 54% Of Evening Coverage