Must Know Headlines


Media Conflate Data On Mass Shootings
To Inflate Number, Blame White Men

Chicago Police Know Where Gun Violence
Is Coming From, But They Can’t Stop It

(NOT) SHOCKING : Pew Study Proves
Anti-Trump Media Bias Is Real & Extreme

The Swamp Wants You To Think They’ve
Seized The Presidency From Trump


Illegal Alien Kills Firefighter, 2 Children
— Gets 2-Year Sentence

ICE Deports MS-13 Member Wanted
In El Salvador For Two Homicides

U.S. Mayor Assures Mexican Consul His “Sanctuary
City” Will Provide Safe Spaces For Illegal Aliens

Haiti Needs Skilled Workers,
But Many Are In U.S. With TPS


Harvey Weinstein Donated $100K
To Planned Parenthood In May

FLASHBACK: Weinstein Was A Donor To Bill
Clinton’s Legal Defense Fund In Sex Assault Case

Prosecute Soros And Ford For Funding Leftist Violence

Harvey Weinstein Gave Clinton Foundation $250,000, Tried
To Get Negative Remarks About Hillary In Film Removed

Obama Interior Secretaries Spent
$1M on Non-Commercial Travel

Democrat-Activist Media

Undercover Video Catches NYT Editor Bragging
About His Anti-Trump Bias And Antifa Ties

CNN’s Symone Sanders: White People Aren’t
Allowed To Criticize The NFL Kneeling

Regular MSNBC Guest Urges Gun Control,
Can’t Explain How It Would Help

NPR Somehow Connects Weinstein
To Obamacare & Contraceptives

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace: Second Amendment Intended To
Fight ‘Foreign Militias’ Not Create ‘Armed Population’

Sarah Silverman Bashes Middle America,
Cops, Conservatives in Promo for New Show