15 Fake News Stories Since Trump Won POTUS

Must Know Headlines 1.20.2010


Obama To Nationalize Student Lending With Pending Budget Bill

Obama: One Year And $1.8 Trillion Later

Massive Government Intervention Drove U.S. Deeper Into Depression

President Obama’s Policies Are Bearing
The Same Fruit As Those Of His Socialist Counterparts

Americans Spoke, And It’s Time To Hit The Reset Button On Health Care Reform

Brown’s Big Win

Coakley’s Press Release Charging Ballot Fraud Was
Written Before Any Ballots Were Issued To Voters 

Pollster John Zogby Predicts A Coakley Win

Dems Cast Blame At Each Other Over Senate Campaign 

Gas Up That Truck Scott Brown, You’re Going To Washington!

Barack Obama

Obama ‘Surprised And Frustrated’ And ‘Not Pleased’ By Massachusetts Senate Race

Obama Suffers Devastating Loss In Massachusetts Senate Upset

Obama Administration

 Are Some Americans More Equal Than Others?

The Obama Administration’s Rampant Racism

Barbara Boxer Confirms Nelson’s Health Care Deal Doesn’t Stop Abortion Funding

Speaker Pelosi In Total Denial Following Bay State Backlash –
Ready To Take Down Dem Party For Obamacare

Iraq’s Battle Is One For The Books:
Baghdad Lays Claim To Jewish Records Found By U.S. Troops

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