Illegal Alien Charged With Murder In Colorado
Was Wanted For Deportation (Video)

Must Know Headlines 2.13.2010


Playing Politics With Jobs

Obamacare vs. The U.S. Constitution–
An Insurance Mandate Is A Direct Tax On Individuals

Tax Credit For Employers Is A Dumb Idea When These Guys Have No Customers

Obama Signs Bill Allowing More US Debt

Saudi Bank Asks Court To Stop Patriot Act Subpoena

Lobbyist Spending Jumps 5 percent Last Year Despite Recession Woes

The Mullahs Make The Green Revolution Invisible To The Media

Barack Obama

Obama’s Border Enforcement Deceit–
Removes $319 Million In Border Security Funding

Did Obama Consult Homeland Security Secretary On Day Of Christmas Attack?
Napolitano Says She Was in Contact With ‘President’s Office’

Mideast Expert: Obama Should Be More Vocal In Support For Iran Dissidents

Rockefeller On Obama: Prez Isn’t ‘Believable’

Democrat-Run Government

Terror Reviews Avoid Word ‘Islamist’

GOP Winning War Over Miranda Rights For Terrorists

Reid Pulls Jobs Bill White House Had Already Endorsed 

 Liberal Media

O’Donnell Meltdown On Morning Joe

Goofy Politico Co-Founder VandeHei:
We Hate Palin So Much We Love Her, Or Something

MSNBC’s Ratigan: Tea Party Includes
‘Birthers,’ ‘Open Racists,’ And ‘Outright Nazis’

Washington Post’s King Disparages Palin As ‘Simple-Minded’ And ‘Mediocre’

Good Morning America: It May Be Better To Walk Away From Your Mortgage


 Worldwide Population Of Polar Bears Has Doubled In The Past Thirty Years

Jihadist “Chatter” Online Shows “Marked Increase”
In Discussions About Evading Airport Security

The Ultimate Valentine Date: Un-Marry Your Spouse For Gay Rights 

 First Time Ever — Snow On Ground In All 50 States

Outside the Beltway: Arizona Rejects Economy Killing Energy Taxes

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