Illegal Alien Charged With Murder In Colorado
Was Wanted For Deportation (Video)

Must Know Headlines 3.13.2010


Cap And Tax: A Green Vote-Buying
Campaign Is Under Way In The Senate

Government-Run Obamacare

Why Health Bill Makes No Sense

House To Put Student Loan Reform In Health Care Bill

Stupak: Dems Told Me They Want To Fund Abortions
Because More Kids Mean Higher Health-Care Costs

The Democrats Won’t Talk About This Provision: The House Version Of The
Health-Care Bill Mandates Racial And Gender Quotas — In Perpetuity

House Aide Confirms Slaughter Solution Never Used Before;
Still, ‘They Are Moving Down That Road’

Fence-Sitting On Obamacare: Being Jim Matheson

Dems Abandon Abortion Deal, Ready Health Vote

 Obama Administration

Holder Lied… Attorney General Failed
To Reveal 7 Legal Briefs During Confirmation

Two Members Of Congress Say That If Administration
Offered Sestak Job To Drop Senate Race It Could Be A Crime

The Obama Moratorium: No Offshore Drilling While He’s In Office

Let’s Just Use Reconciliation For Everything!


‘They Herded Us Into One Place And Started Chopping With Machetes…’

Second American Female Convert To Islam Arrested In Plot To Kill Motoonist

Trusting Terrorists, Abandoning Troops

 Old Media

“Journalist” Begs Congressman To Pass Bill For Obama

WaPo Giddy Over Gay Marriage,
Quotes Supporters 10 Times More Than Opponents

‘Today’ Praises Bank Of America’s New Overdraft Policy,
Fails To Explore Negative Side Of Coming Regulation

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