Illegal Alien Charged With Murder In Colorado
Was Wanted For Deportation (Video)

Must Know Headlines 3.17.2010


Democrats Against Democracy

A Fairness Doctrine For Internet?
The Democrats’ Ultimate Goal Is To Control Content

Census Threat: $5,000 Fines:
U.S. Congressman Slams ‘Big Brother’ Questions

The Present Attempt To Remake The Country Is The Effort Of The Liberal
Well-To-Do Class, Who Are Immune From The Dictates They Impose On Others

Democrat-Run Healthcare

Using A Parliamentary Trick Ironically Known As The “Self-Executing Rule,”
Democrats Plan On Passing Their Massive Health Bill Without Voting

Pelosi Plots End Run To Pass Obamacare, By Any Means Necessary

Rep. Hoyer: House Does Not Need To Hold
Direct Vote On Health Care Bill To Make It Law

Congressman Says American People Don’t Care How They Pass Health Care Reform

What House Passage Of The Senate Health Bill Means For America

Call Your Congressman: Healthcare Vote This Week

Democrats Defend ‘Deeming,’ GOP Attacks As The Clock Ticks Down

Democrats Don’t Have Votes Yet For Pro-Abortion Health Care, Could Slip To Easter

Democrat-Activist Media

Media Reality Check: A Year Of Spin For Liberal ObamaCare

CNN’s Roberts: Why Is A ‘Mandate For Having Health Insurance A Bad Thing?
There’s A Mandate For Having Car Insurance’

Obama Libels Israel, MSM Continues To Lie, Snooze

Democrat-Run Government

Obama Administration In Wonderland: Hamas Calls For New Intifada,
Clinton Says Israel Must Prove Its Commitment To Peace

Stimulus!: Cosmetology and Massage Schools Win Big Under Obama

Obama Officials: Relax, We’re Just Trying To Break Up Bibi’s Coalition

  Barack Obama

Obama Response To Mexico Violence Riles Texas Gov. Perry

Meet Goodwin Liu, Next Appointee To The Federal Appeals Court

Obama Says He Won’t Campaign For Dems Who Don’t Support ObamaCare


Hanks, Hollywood, And History:
Surely Even Tom Hanks Can Grasp The Pure Evil Of Saddam Hussein

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