Phony baloney: The 9 Fakest Fake-News Checkers

Must Know Headlines 4.2.2010


Obama To Rewrite Nuke Policy Heralding Further Reductions
In The U.S. Stockpile And Giving A Pledge Not To Develop New Systems

 Come On Over Terrorists: Screening For US-Bound
Travelers Will No Longer Target Specific Countries, Obama Administration Says

The Offshore Oil Drilling Head Fake-
A Ruse To Distract The Middle Class While He Picks Their Pockets

Administration Backs Song Royalties Bill,
Will Hurt Radio Stations Around Country

White House Sets Stricter Gas-Mileage Rules 

Obama vs. Israeli Regime

Barack Obama

Obama Shrugs Off Healthcare Law Criticism

President Jihad:
Obama Encouraged Violent Palestinian Muslim Protests Against Israel 

Obama Intends To Turn Ten To Eleven Million Illegal Immigrants
Into Voters As Expeditiously As Possible

Government-Run Obamacare

Obama Urges Patience As Health Care Law Kicks In
(Just Don’t Get Sick In Meantime)

Against ObamaCare? You’re A Racist Hater 

Side Effects Of Obamacare: Laws No Longer Mean What They Say 

Waxman Hearings To Target CEOs For Telling the Truth On Obamacare 

Democrat-Run Government

Illinois Democrat On ObamaCare: “I Don’t Worry About The Constitution On This” 

EPA Chief Says New Pollution Rules For Cars Only
The Beginning Of Greenhouse Gas Regulations

NASA Boosts Climate Change Budget 62%, Can’t Afford It 

Hillary Clinton’s Meddling 

Democrat-Infested Media

Tell Us Something We Don’t Know… Exorcist Says Satan Is In The Media 

CNN’s Cafferty Bashes Pope Benedict XVI For Two Straight Days 

On NBC, Boy Scout Scandal Merits Story, But Club’s 100th Anniversary Didn’t 


China’s Gruesome Female Feticide Goes Public  

Border Violence Threatens Americans

ACORN Playing Rebranding Game 



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