Illegal Alien Charged With Murder In Colorado
Was Wanted For Deportation (Video)

Must Know Headlines 4.11.2010


Report: Sarkozy Slams Obama – Says He Might Be Insane

Mainstream Media, American Jews Look
The Other Way As Obama Wages Diplomatic Jihad Against Israel

Cap & Tax Will Force You To Buy New Obama Regime-Approved Appliances

Stupak Retires–The Rest Should Do The Same!

The Death of President Kaczynski: Poland’s Tragic Loss
Is America’s And Britain’s Too

 Graham &  Schumer Set To Introduce Amnesty Bill, Will Give
Citizenship (and free healthcare) To Lawbreakers That Came Here Illegally

Why Is The Catholic Church Awarding Pro-Obama Activists?

What’s Next For Net Neutrality?

Democrat’s Out Of Control Spending

VAT To Follow Obama’s Spending Spree

 The Unsustainable Federal Income Tax Gap

U.S. Tax Policy Not Merely Disincentivizes
Economic Energy But Actively Wages War On It

Barack Obama

Obama’s New Policy Imposes Limitations On How The U.S. Can Respond To Attacks

Obama Emboldened For Another Supreme Court Pick

Secretary Clinton Helps Islamic Terror Supporter Enter U.S.

Government-Run, Socialist Obamacare

Loophole Lets Dozens Of Minnesota Congressional
Staff Opt Out Of Key Health Care Reform Requirement

Since Passage Obamacare Loses 7 Points!

Old Media

The Times They Are A-Smearin’

California Dreamin’ — Rachel Maddow And
Gov. Moonbeam Cover Up The Real ACORN Scandal

MSNBC’s Norah O’Donnell Suggests Gingrich Racist
Toward Obama, But Colleagues Laugh At Her (Video)


Liberal Narcissism And Anti-Christian Phobia 

Child Marriage Story In Yemen Finds A Way To Get Even More Disturbing

Palestinian Authority And Fatah Continue
Their Longtime Practice Of ‘Glorifying’ Terrorists

State Poised To Punish Free Speech At Schools:
Children With Traditional Values May Get ‘Detention, Suspension’

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