Must Know Headlines 4.15.2010


Why Americans Should Worry About
The Alliance Between The Obama Administration And GE

Muslim Arrested In The Jihad Massacre Of Five Family Members IN CHICAGO–
“Allah” Made Me Do It 

Holder: 9/11 Terrorists May Still Be Tried In New York 

Russia Says Iran Reactor On Track For August Launch  

An Open Letter To President Barack Hussein Obama
From President Of The World Jewish Congress

 Photo Released Of GOP Official & Boyfriend Beaten Bloody Outside SRLC Event  

Unions Making Postal Service Unsustainable, GAO Says  

Hating The Government Finally Goes Mainstream  


No One Is Safe From Higher Taxes  

Taxpayers Foot State Department’s Stiff Liquor Bill 

Tax Day Or Payday? How The Tax Code
Is Expanding Government And Dependency

Dems Have Already Hiked Taxes $670 Billion And Counting  

Tea Party 

Democrats Infiltrate Tea Parties, Seek Imposters To Pose As Racists  

Tea Party Leaders On Guard Against Extremists  

Special Report: How The Media Have
Disparaged And Dismissed the Tea Party Movement

Denver Radicals Issue Tea Party Crash Call:
“Cut Loose And Let These Racist Crackers Know They Are Opposed.”

Tea Party Snubs GOP Leaders   

 Barack Hussein Obama 

Obama’s Terrible Powers  

Obama Ignores Allies, Caters To Enemies  

Inviting War Against America: That’s What Our Anti-Nuke President Is Doing  

Obama Snubs Georgian President To Avoid Offending Russia  

Officer Challenging Obama ‘Reassigned’:
No Charges Yet For Surgeon Demanding Eligibility Proof

Democrat Takeover Of Healthcare 

IRS Will Enforce ObamaCare — Eventually  

Obamacare: Impact On Taxpayers  

Old, Democrat-Activist Media 

Maher Insults Palin and Bachmann as MILFs: Morons I’d Like To Forget  

Is The CIA Working With The NYT To Harm Our Troops In Afghanistan?  

Networks Fail To Report On VAT Tax Since Volcker Call For Tax Increases  


Yemen: 2nd Child Bride Hospitalized With Genital Injuries  

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