Illegal Alien Charged With Murder In Colorado
Was Wanted For Deportation (Video)

Must Know Headlines 5.11.2010


American Academy Of Pediatrics And The New York Times
Sanction Female Genital Mutilation

No-More-Bailouts Bill Springs A Leak: Fannie And Freddie Ask For More

America Bails Out EU Socialism

 Tea Party Movement Not Realizing U.S. Is Bailing Out Greece, Says CNBC Host

The Failure Of The Unfree Market

More ‘Gangster Government’ As
Obama Appointees Rewrite The Rules For Airline Unions

The Amazing Carelessness Of ObamaCare

Volunteer Census Worker Rapes & Beats Handicapped Woman In Indiana

Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee: Typical White, Liberal Elitist

 Elena Kagan: Government Can Ban Political Pamphlets

An Anti-Military Justice?

Elena Kagan Has Never Spent A Day Employed As A Judge,
And May Now Be Given A Lifetime Appointment

Kagan: Some Speech Can Be ‘Disappeared’:
Wanted ‘Societal Costs’ Counted Against 1st Amendment Rights

A Vote For Elena Kagan Is A Vote For Finding A Constitutional Right
To Gay Marriage That Will Overturn Marriage Laws In Every State

Elena Kagan Donated To President Obama, John Kerry

Barack Hussein Obama 

Outrage: Obama Administration Targets Military For Pay Cuts

Obama Talks Down Technology And Knowledge

No Surprise: Obama’s Rule Change Favors Unions At Airlines, Railroads 

 Democrat-Activist Media

Only CBS IDs Kagan As On Left; Others Tout Her
As ‘Powerhouse,’ ‘Accomplished Poker Player, Opera Lover’ Who ‘Loves Softball’

Bennett’s Loss In Utah A ‘Damn Outrage,’ ‘Non-Violent Coup,’ Part Of Larger Intolerant GOP Narrative




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