Illegal Alien Charged With Murder In Colorado
Was Wanted For Deportation (Video)

Must Know Headlines 6.13.2010


“I Am A Muslim,” Obama Tells
Egyptian Foreign Minister Gheit Islamic Coup On The White House

Obama To Send $400 Million To Hamas Via Gaza

Obama’s Radical Associations Matter, But Go Ignored By Press

 How Islam And The Left Sabotage America

Arizona And Their Immigration Law Is First On Obama’s List,
But He Might Come After Your State Next

Is Insurance Industry Next Takeover Target?–
Proposal In Congress Puts Feds In Middle Of Catastrophe Claims

Chavez Issues Arrest Warrant For Owner Of Opposition TV Station;
Ignorant Hollywood Love Him

Oil Spill

Environmentalists Give Barack Obama A Pass On Oil Spill

Experts Didn’t Want Drilling Moratorium 

Oil Hits Ala. Beaches; Worst Yet Since Spill

Obama On The Spill: “I Can’t Suck It Up With A Straw”

Coast Guard Tells BP To Speed Up Containment Pace

Democrat-Run Government

Panel Commissioned By Barney Frank Recommends Nearly $1T In Defense Cuts

Restoring America’s Standing? Obama Decried As ‘Anti-British’

More Developments Show That The Democrats’
Health Care Solution Won’t Do What They Said

Kagan Supported Policy Of Reverse Discrimination, Clinton Documents Revealed

Today’s Obama Lie Exposed: Majority Of
Americans Will Lose Employer Health Plans In 3 Years

Democrat-Activist Media

Shame Of A Nation: The Washington Democrat-Media Complex

Jerry Brown Calls Meg Whitman A Nazi, Media Mostly Mum

Liberal Reporter Sees No Liberal Bias In The Media


“Iran Today Is A Prison”

Taking On The Unions In Calif. — And Winning

College Grads Hear From The Left

Mother Of Accused Jersey Jihadist: My Son Is Stupid, But He’s No Terrorist

Bill Gates EXPOSED! Wants Depopulation Through Vaccines! 

Home Depot Official Sponsor Of Which Country’s World Cup Soccer Team?


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