Illegal Alien Charged With Murder In Colorado
Was Wanted For Deportation (Video)

Must Know Headlines 6.26.2010


Disgraced Fannie Mae Deep In Carbon Scheme:
Mortgage Giant Set To Collect Millions Marketing Homeowners’ Energy Savings

Democrats: Free Speech For Me, Not For Thee

California Welfare Recipients Withdrew
$1.8 Million At Casino ATMs Over Eight Months

Petraeus/McChrystal: Neither Of Them Have A Clue About Jihad

PRUDEN: Sacking The General Doesn’t Change Much

 Why Was Poland The Only EU Country To Avoid Recession?

Telling Washington That Taxpayers Are Not The Government’s ATM

Democrats’ Financial Takeover

U.S. Lawmakers Reach Accord on New Finance Rules:
Legislation Would Redraw How Money Flows Through The U.S. Economy

 Financial Deform

Financial Reform Is A Disaster For Banks, Consumers

ILLEGAL Immigration

Boy Shot at Border Was Active Smuggler

Congresswoman: Hizballah Jihadists
Colluding With Drug Cartels On Mexican Border

Arizona Gov: Most Illegal Immigrants Smuggling Drugs 

New Jan Brewer Ad: Here’s What Obama Means By “Border Security”

Democrat-Run Government

IRS Wants Taxes From BP Payments For Lost Wages

 California Lawmakers Push For First-In-The-Nation State Boycott Of Arizona

Democrat Says Arizona Isn’t On Southern Border

As Lawmakers Pass ‘Powerful’ Iran Sanctions Bill,
Some Worry Presidential Waivers Will Weaken It

 Will The Obama Administration Force The Gulf 
To Drown In Unemployment As Well As In Oil?

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama Following The Alinsky Textbook

Obama’s Lack Of Interest In The World Is Evident
In His Handling Of  The Oil Spill And The Afghan War

Democrat-Activist Media

MSNBC’s Matthews Compares Conservative Candidates To Suicide Bombers

Reality Check Study: Media Blackout Of Supreme Court “Battle”

‘American Morning’ Asks Expert
‘What’s Wrong’ With Shutting Down Oil Drilling For ‘Four More Months’

WaPo’s Stevens-Arroyo Calls For Catholics to ‘Embrace a Redistribution Of Wealth’


Government Study Confirms What We Already Knew:
DC Vouchers Improve Graduation Rates

AFL-CIO Calls FOX News’ Cavuto An “Asshole” Live On Air (Video)

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