Reporting? Liberal Media Have Much More in Mind Than That

Must Know Headlines 7.5.2010


Five Rights The Left Doesn’t Want You To Have:
The Left Loves Constitutional Rights — But Only For Themselves

Dependency, The Liberals’ Natural Resource

New York: Cigarettes Hit $14.50 Per Pack After Tax Hike

Media Blackout For Black Panthers: 
Explosive Racist Allegations Ignored By Poodles In The Press

Ten Myths About The Bush Tax Cuts

White House Enacts Rules Inhibiting Media From Covering Oil Spill

Shocker. Conservatives More Than Twice As Likely As Libs To Be Patriotic

The Ultimate Blame For Elena Kagan’s
 Free Ride Rests With The Voters Themselves

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama: “Being An American Is Not A Matter Of Blood Or Birth,
It’s A Matter Of Faith

 A Majority Of U.S. Combat Casualties In Nine-Year-Long Afghanistan War
Have Occurred In Less Than Year-And-A-Half Of Obama Presidency

Comfort To The Enemy: American Blood Is Spilled While
Obama Decides Whether Afghanistan Is Really A “War Of Necessity”

Plenty Of Schock, Very Little Awe At Mandatory Obama Signage


 U.K.: Most Jihadists Are “British-Born,
 Under The Age Of 30, Educated And Likely To Be Employed”

 Lockerbie Bomber Could Survive 10 years Or Longer, According To A Cancer
Specialist Who Last Year Said He Would Be Dead Within 3 Months Of His Release

 Senators, Afghan Ambassador Criticize Troop Withdrawal Timetable

Iran Whines About Sanctions But Vows Defiance


When, In The Course Of Human Events, It Becomes Necessary For One People To
Dissolve The Political Bands Which Have Connected Them With Another……

Last Week’s Other Big Supreme Court Decision


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