Must Know Headlines 7.16.2010


NO  Serious Reform Of Housing Giants Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac In
2,300 Page Financial ‘Reform’ Bill Passed Thursday

Obama Admin Illegally Funding Pro-Abortion Kenya Constitution

Quotas Hidden In Bank Reform Bill Will Cost Taxpayers Millions

No Media Outcry As Dems Block
Amendment To Open Up Gulf Oil Cleanup To Press

Trial Lawyers In Line For $1.6 Billion Tax Break

Arizona’s Fight – America’s Fight

Former DOJ Colleagues Confirm Whistleblower Adams’ Accusations


CAIR Backs NAACP Resolution On Tea Party Racism

NAACP Flips-Flops, Now Claims It Never Said Tea Party Was Racist

Dem Rep Sheila Jackson Lee Tells NAACP: “All Those Who Wore Sheet
s A Long Time Ago Lifted Them Off to Wear Tea Party Clothing” (Applause!)

Democrat-Run Government

Democrats Block Amendment To Ensure Press Access To Oil Spill

New Regulations Outline Content, Transmission
Standards for Every Americans’ Electronic Health Records

Dems’ Decision To Forgo Budget Means No More 51-Vote Senate Majorities

GOP Calls For Repeal As Finance Bill Passes

How Regulation Kills Medical Innovation

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama: I Expect To Be Held Accountable On Jobs,
But I’d Prefer That You Hold Bush Accountable

‘Obama-Motors’ Skew Jobless Numbers

The End Of The Post Racial Presidency

Democrat-Activist Media

Top Ten Most Left-Biased American Journalists – #8: Christiane Amanpour, CNN

CBS Uses Al Sharpton To Boost NAACP’s
Accusation Tea Party Is ‘Tolerating Bigotry’

Environmentalists Using Religion, Oil Spill To Promote Green Agenda


It’s OK to Kill Your Muslim 14-Year-Old Daughter In Canada

Leftist Attorney Gets 10 Years In Prison For Aiding Jihad Terror Mastermind

Which Sex Position Will Your Kid Learn?

 CAIR-linked Militant, Muslim Boy Scouts In Philadelphia


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