Illegal Alien Charged With Murder In Colorado
Was Wanted For Deportation (Video)

Must Know Headlines 7.27.2010


Tax Break For The Trial Lawyers: A Bad Idea

Fred Thompson: ‘Catastrophic’ If Bush Tax Cuts Not Renewed

ObamaCare: The Rationing Begins In Earnest

Obama Regime Will Run Up Debt, Then Raise Taxes:
They Had A Plan For Economic Destruction From The Start

FEC Advisory Based On Citizens United Gives Labor Unions,
Corporations No Limit On Donations For Independent Expenditures

More Unaccountable Obama Czars

Barack Hussein Obama

White House Backed Release Of Lockerbie Bomber Abdel Baset Al-Megrahi

Obama’s US Assassination Program

Obama Won’t Speak In-Person At Boy Scouts’ 100th
Anniversary Celebration But Will Appear On ABC TV’s ‘The View’

Former Thatcher Adviser Rips Obama For Using BP Spill Against UK

Race & Politics

From Rev. Wright To The Sherrod Affair

 Charges Of Racism Are About Politics

Sherrod’s Husband: ‘We Must Stop The White Man
And His Uncle Toms From Stealing Our Elections’

ACLU Forces Town To Accept Illegal Aliens

Democrat-Controlled Government

Why Has Jesse Jackson, Jr. Escaped Prosecution In Blago Case?

Democrats’ Summer Strategy

John Kerry Gets A Long Face When Reporters
Confront Him About Taxes On The SS Rhode Island

National Security

Why WikiLeaks Will Fail

Iran Is A Real Threat

 Venezuela: Haven For Terrorists?

Democrat-Activist Media

James Rainey Of The L.A. Times Still Stumbling Over Sherrod, ACORN, Breitbart

Coverage Focuses on U.S.-Caused Civilian Deaths
 When Taliban Responsible for Ten Times More, Zings CBS’s Logan


American Jewish Committee: ‘Oliver Stone Has Outed Himself As An Anti-Semite’




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