Must Know Headlines 8.6.2010


ObamaCare For The Internet

Alan Keyes: Under Obama ‘We Shall
All Become Slaves On The Government’s Plantation’

Arizona Immigration Law Author: Failure To Enforce Law Impeachable Offense

The Consequences Of Allowing The Bush Tax Cuts To Lapse

Report: Saddam Deputy Says US ‘Leaving Iraq To The Wolves’

Claire McCaskill: Missouri Voters Too Stupid To Realize What’s Good For Them

Why Young People Are Liberals– Liberalism Is Easy,
Kids Are Used To Being Taken Care Of

Michelle And Sasha’s Excellent Spanish Adventure…At Taxpayers Expense!

Gulf Area Workers Urge Obama And Congress To Kill The Moratorium

States Enact Healthcare Law As Lawsuits Proceed

Obama’s America

Record Number Of Americans Receiving Food Stamp Benefits

 The Washington War On Investment

Obama’s Deadly Mideast Delusions

IRS Makes Paying Taxes Even More Expensive

The Coming Catastrophe: State Governments

 Who Makes Laws Anyways?
From Homeland Security To The EPA, Administrators Are Legislating 

Senate Bill Marks Next Step In Federal ‘Sustainable Communities’ Plan

US Postal Service Loses $3.5 Billion In Third Quarter

DC Now Subsidizes ‘Medical Marijuana’

It’s Official: Medicare’s Finances Shadowed By Uncertainty

 Buying Votes: A Mortgage Rescue In Every Pot

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama To Guest-Star On Discovery Channel’s ‘Swamp Loggers’

Obama Returns To Illinois For U.S. Senate Campaign Dominated By Scandals

Obama’s Zealous Civil Rights Enforcer Gets Busy

Obama Cripples Ford’s Funding, Then Subsidizes It

Is Obama About To Forgive Billions In Mortgage Principal?

Kagan To Celebrate With Obama, Take Oath Sat.

Democrat-Activist Media

Networks Ignore Missouri Voters’ Rejection
Of ObamaCare, Instead Celebrate Obama’s Birthday

 Your Unbiased Liberal Media In Action: The Media vs. Black Conservatives

Liberals Sell Newsweek To Liberals

Socialist “JournoListas”

 ABC Highlights ‘Sharp’ Increase In Income Gap, Ignores Tax Rates And Inflation


Judge OK With Gov. Prying Into Personal Information: ‘Court Has Said
Officials Can Feel Free To Rifle Through The Private Files Of Citizens’

Hamas-Linked CAIR Again Sides With Terror, Sues Michigan Police
Over Killing Of Detroit Imam Who Preached “Offensive Jihad”

“Helping Muslim Girls In Trouble”





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