Illegal Alien Charged With Murder In Colorado
Was Wanted For Deportation (Video)

Must Know Headlines 8.9.2010


 Barack Hussein Obama

Obama Backs Mafia Banker Alexi Giannoulias To Claim His Former Senate Seat

 What Recovery Summer? Obama Jobs Deficit: 7.6 Million Jobs

If You Cannot Bring Back Hope and Change, Bring Back Bush

Sen. Isakson: Arizona Is ‘Well Within Their
Rights’ On Immigration Law — Federal Lawsuit Is ‘Ridiculous’

Democrat-Controlled Government

Democrats Scurry Back To Washington To Pass Jobs Bill For Labor Union Allies

Campaign Detour — House Called Back To Bail Out States

Medicare Waste, Fraud, Abuse Costing Taxpayers Billions

Freddie Mac Requests $1.8B In Aid After 2Q Loss

GOP Leaders Continues To Rally Support For Israel,
Democrats Continue To Hide Their Heads In The Sand

Ohio’s Dem. Gov. Gave Stimulus $$ To Co. That Exported Jobs To El Salvador

Ground Zero Mosque

 We Muslims Know The Ground Zero Mosque
 Is Meant To Be A Deliberate Provocation

The GZ Mosque Question:  A Cultural Center For All New Yorkers?
Or A Potential Tool For Islamists? 

Weird Twist In Ground Zero Mosque: More Dishonesty
Developer Owns Only Part Of The Property

Democrat-Activist Media

Even The Liberal Seattle Times Questioning Obama’s ‘Lavish’ Vacations

ABC Blames ‘Decline Of Organized Labor’ For Income Stagnation

The Hidden Hand Of Media Bias, Courtesy Of The New York Times

CNN’s Rick Sanchez: Obsessed With Fox News, Beck, And Limbaugh

Juan Williams: Missouri’s Anti-ObamaCare Ballot Irrelevant –
Only Old White People Voted For It


 Taliban Flog, Murder Pregnant Woman For Alleged Adultery

Taliban Executes Christian Medical Team In Afghanistan;
 6 American Doctors Among Those Murdered


Failure To Prevent A Nuclear North Korea:
Does It Foreshadow A Nuclear-Armed Iran?

Hugo Chavez Is Destroying Venezuela’s Economy


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