Podesta Emails Confirm Dems Rigged Polling
Samples To Ensure Hillary's 'Lead'

Must Know Headlines 8.19.2010


 Ground Zero Mosque: The Real Issue 

Blago Holdout Juror Involved In Chicago Politics,
Big Fan Of NPR, Liberal Talk Radio

To Save Obama, Left Cries Out For … George W. Bush 

 Obama’s Not As Smart As The Media Portrays 

The Separation Of Islamophilia From State 

Muslim Accused Disney Of Discrimination For Refusing To
Let Her Wear A Muslim Head Scarf At Work In Public

Ground Zero Mosque

General Manager Of Al-Arabiya TV On GZ Mosque: “It Will Be Turned
Into An Arena For Promoters Of Hatred, And A Symbol Of Those Who Committed The Crime”

Ailing 9/11 Responders Slam President Obama:
Focus On Zadroga Health Bill, Not Ground Zero Mosque

AUDIO – Rep. Pelosi Calls For Investigation Of WTC Mosque Opposition 

Mosque Debate Divides Democrats, Especially In New York 

 Why Many Non-Western Muslims Reject The 9/11 Mosque,
While Western Muslims Insist On It

9/11 Mosque Website Gets ‘Abu-Scrubbed’:
Muslim Initiative Removes Photos, Key Information

Democrat-Activist Media

MSNBC’s Norah O’Donnell Equates Opponents Of Mosque With 9/11 Terrorists 

Jon Stewart Uses Maxed-Out Race Card
Against Ground Zero Mosque Opponents

Matt Lauer On Today Show: Does Mosque Have To Move Just Because Of 9/11?  

Obama’s America

Really Raw Data: July 2010 Is Worst July In Record For Housing Starts, Permits 

US Says Bankruptcies Reach Nearly 5-Year High  

It Begins… Soros Bailing Out Of US Stock Market 

Five Job-Killing Stimulus Projects 

Giant Obamacare Loophole 

America Haters Are Dividing US 

Democrat-Controlled Government

2.5 Million Stimulus Project To Benefit Congresswoman’s Biggest Donor 

Desperate Dems Skip Issues, Rely On Personal Attacks 

 Celebrity Of The Day

Sheryl Crow –Who Called For Using One Square Of Toilet Paper
Every Time We Go To Bathroom– Has New Song That Bashes Sarah Palin

Sheryl Crow Proposed Limitation On How Much Toilet Paper We Use 

Sheryl Crow Also Advocates “Dining Sleeves” To Replace Napkins 




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