15 Fake News Stories Since Trump Won POTUS

Must Know Headlines 8.20.2010


Vacationing Obama Makes 4 Recess Appointments

Despite Recent Record Spending, Demorat-Run Congress Failed To Fund
Detention Space To Hold Captured Illegals From Terror-Sponsoring Countries

Billions For Teacher Unions, Nothing For Students

Muslims, Not Americans, Are Religious Bigots

Hooah! Surge Heroes End Operation Iraqi Freedom

Congressional Budget Office Predicts
 2010 Deficit Second Largest Since WWII

General Motors’ Stage-Managed IPO

Jobless Claims “Unexpectedly” Hit 9 Month High

The Tyranny Of Google: Google Watches Us,
But Who Will Watch The Watcher?

Barack Hussein Obama

For The Third Time Obama Gives Unions A Break From Transparency Rules

And Now: The Stealth Obama Ocean Grab

Obama’s Gift Of Green Joblessness

Sheriff’s Challenge To Obama:
 Give Me Half Hour, I’ll Show You How To Secure Border

Bush Now More Popular Than Obama In “Frontline” Districts

Obama’s Gift Of Green Joblessness

More A Carter Than A Reagan

Our Lecturer In Chief

Democrat-Activist Media

AP Orders Staff: ‘Stop Using The Phrase “Ground Zero Mosque”’

Gulf Dearth Of Visitors Blamed On Media

Politico Rushes To Do Nancy Pelosi’s Bidding,
Investigating Funding Of Ground Zero Mega-Mosque Foes


Fight Is On Over Another Arizona Immigration Law:
State Banishes Teaching School Students ‘Overthrow Of US Government’





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