Illegal Alien Charged With Murder In Colorado
Was Wanted For Deportation (Video)

Must Know Headlines 9.7.2010


Barack Hussein Obama

A Trillion Dollars & 19 Months Later… Obama Proposes Tax Cuts For Business

Obama’s ‘Pivot’ To The Economy Comes Far Too Late

Obama To Spend Another 50 Billion:
Paid For By Tax Hikes On Oil And Gas Companies

Obama Wants Another $50 Billion Union Bailout

 Obama Attacks GOP, Promotes New Jobs
Program In Speech To Cheering Union Members

President’s Socialist Takeover Must Be Stopped

Obama Helps Radical Muslim Groups Get Taxpayer Dollars

White House Hosting (Another) Ramadan Feast For Muslims

 Your Tax Dollars At Work…For Obama


 The Most Zealous Believers In Hope And Change Are The Most
Profound Victims Of The Obama Hoax – Poor, Young, Unemployed Blacks

Imam Behind Ground Zero Mosque Returns To U.S.
After Taxpayer-Funded Trip To Muslim Nations

Mission Not Accomplished: Taliban, Sharia Making Comeback In Afghanistan

Our Failing Immigration Courts :
Again, The Obama Administration Abandons The Rule Of Law

Another Stimulus, Another Bailout

Regulators To Hash Out Major New Finance Regulations This Month

Doing the DOJ’s Job For Them: Demanding Valid Voter Rolls Before November


Inconvenient Truth: 10 Times More Hate Crimes Against Jews Than Muslims

Why We Blink In Face Of Eco-Terror

The Liberal Media Have Met The Enemy And He Is Us

 Labor Day Has Become Government Day

Congress Should Abolish ‘Labor’ Day


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