Phony baloney: The 9 Fakest Fake-News Checkers

Must Know Headlines 9.15.2010


 Reid Adding Amnesty For ILLEGAL Immigrants In Defense Bill

The Battle For America 2010: State-By-State Roundup, 9-15-10

Media Spreads Big Lie, Claims That Pro-Mosque
 Protest Was Larger Than 9/11 Rally Of Remembrance

 What’s Scarier Than Cap And Trade?
A Renewable Electricity Standard

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama To Extend BUSH’s Tax Cuts For Middle Class But
Rebrands Them ‘The Obama Tax Cuts For The Middle Class’

Poll: Voters Disapprove Of How Obama Is Handling Illegal Immigration

Obama Coming Out With Another Book, 
Set To Make Millions As He Destroys America’s Economy

Democrat-Run Government

African Penis-Washing Study Received $800,000 Taxpayer Dollars
From Obama’s 2009 Economic Stimulus Law

 Harry Reid Twitters Back And Forth With Lady GaGa

 Sebelius’ Chilling Warning To Insurers

Stimulus Money Used For Tracking Every Move Inside School Building

Harry Reid Arrives At Green Summit In Fleet Of Gas Guzzlers 

Democrats Use Jon Stewart’s ‘Daily Show’ Tickets To Raise Money

Dems Profit From Craigslist’s Sex Slave Scene

Welfare State Of Insanity

The FCC’s ‘Third Way’ Internet Land Grab Is Hardly A ‘Moderate’ Solution

 First Lady Calls For Kids’ Menus With Healthy Choices;
Says French Fries Should Be Special ‘Request’

Ground Zero Mosque

Ground Zero Mosque Will Be Green

NJ Town Files Lawsuit Against Imam Rauf

Democrat-Activist Media

New York Times To America: We’re Going To Make
One Of These Tea Party Memes Stick, Even If It Kills Us

Former CNBC Reporter: GE CEO Immelt Meddled In Network’s Editorial Coverage

Steve Malzberg Destroys Joy Behar: ‘You Represent A Radical Leftist View’

Meredith Vieira To GOP Young Guns: What’s So Good About Tax Cuts?


Hacked: Radical Muslim Goes After Rifqa’s Attorney

Justice Breyer: No Right To Burn Korans In First Amendment?

 Mass. Doc Gets 6 Months In Abortion Patient Death

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1 Manuel September 15, 2010 at 5:57 pm

America no more.

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