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ILLEGAL Immigration Is A Crime And MUST BE PUNISHED— NOT REWARDED With Amnesty (And Billions Of Taxpayer Dollars)


Disconnected Jessica Alba: ‘Arizona Immigration Law Is Racist And Foolish’



Hey Jess! I mow your lawn.

Another disconnected celebrity with no concept of reality, politics, and national security has come out against Arizona’s immigration law. Jessica Alba sides with the lawless over America’s national security. Say it loudly Jessica: I support ILLEGAL aliens and open borders at any expense. Louder. Say it again Jessica: I stand up for ILLEGAL aliens rights, damn all of you Americans who made me rich and famous. Now imagine an ILLEGAL immigrant kills your kids in a drunk driving accident or murders them just for the hell of it. Imagine an ILLEGAL gang member rapes your daughter. This type of violence from ILLEGAL immigrants happens every day in America. People who come to America ILLEGALLY are more apt to break other laws. Data link illegal migrants, crime.
ILLEGAL Immigration is a crime and needs to PUNISHED— NOT REWARDED with amnesty and billions of taxpayer dollars.

JESSICA ALBA has slammed the new Arizona state immigration rules, branding the legislation “a very racist, foolish law”.

And Alba insists she’ll carry on fighting the regulation as it’s an issue she and Robert Rodriguez, her Machete director, feel strongly about.

She tells Britain’s Daily Record, “It’s always been a relevant issue, for me and for Robert, because we grew up with that reality and it just happened to be that a state did something really, really foolish and passed a very racist, foolish law… There’s no way we can change it if we all just sit back and do nothing, so it’s about engaging and getting people to stand up for their rights.”

Wow. That was, like, so totally deep Jessica. Thanks for informing us on the matter. Keep talking  Jessica, keep standing up for ILLEGALS. I will document every stupid thing you say. Tell us why the law is foolish. Tell us why you are standing up for people that came to America ILLEGLLY. And don’t forget to tell us why the law is racist. Go read the law, and then get back to me.

The Arizona law is completely consistent with federal law.

Andrew McCarthy:

In essence, Judge Susan Bolton bought the Justice Department’s preemption argument – i.e., the claim that the federal government has broad and exclusive authority to regulate immigration, and therefore that any state measure that is inconsistent with federal law is invalid. The Arizona law is completely consistent with federal law. The judge, however, twisted to concept of federal law into federal enforcement practices (or, as it happens, lack thereof). In effect, the court is saying that if the feds refuse to enforce the law the states can’t do it either because doing so would transgress the federal policy of non-enforcement … which is nuts. READ MORE

ILLEGAL immigrants’ murder, rape, molest, rob, and take American jobs. ILLEGALS smuggle tons of drugs into the US. Terrorists collude with the drug cartels while entering ILLEGALLY. But clueless Alba and Robert Rodriguez feel really strong about protecting ILLEGAL immigrants over American citizens.

Jessica Alba, Obama, and Robert Rodriguez Fight
For Your Rights To Come To US ILLEGALLY

From Jan Brewers website:

Because the federal government refuses to do its job, the State of Arizona has had to step in and show the way in some instances. My four-part Border Surge plan provides for:

  • Putting the National Guard back on the border until sufficient Border Patrol personnel are in place.
  • Completing the border fence, including much more double-layered fencing.
  • Restoring integrity to the federal immigration system by enforcing our current laws.
  • Reimbursing the State of Arizona and our emergency health care providers for the burden we have had to bear due to the federal failure to secure the border, including the approximately $150 million annually to imprison criminal aliens.

Illegal immigration is a hidden tax of at least one billion dollars on our state that we have borne for too long.

Definition of a Secure Border

A “secure border” is one determined by facts on the ground and not solely by the amount of money spent, number of officers hired or the passage of time. A secure border is one in which the flow of illegal drugs and illegal border crossers going north is reduced to a minimal amount. It should not be too difficult to agree on a series of border benchmarks (e.g., number of apprehensions at the border, number of resident illegal immigrants, illegal drugs entering our country) that constitute a “minimal” amount.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) already does this to some extent in their annual performance report. This effort should be expanded with state and local law enforcement statistics (e.g., number of kidnappings related to illegal drug and alien traffic). These benchmarks should be put on the internet so the general public can track our progress.

I signed House Bill 2162 that establishes the Arizona Joint Border Security Advisory Committee to analyze these types of statistics.


Disrespectful border hoppers. You’d think the environmentalists
would give a damn but they are too liberal to stand for anything.



Obama Sides With The Lawless Over Besieged Citizens

No More Deaths: Secure American Borders – Enforce American Laws


Mamacita Jessica, we are on our way.
Can we move next door to you?
I wash your car, mow your lawn and vote Democrat.
Machete is my favorite movie ever!


Get a clue. 

This is who Alba, Obama and Robert Rodriguez stand with




REALLY? You must only watch MSNBC and CNN to wonder that.








Illegal immigrants are exactly that: ILLEGAL. They deserve no citizenship, voting rights, healthcare, and or welfare. Come to America the right way or don’t come here at all. Rewarding the lawless only promotes more of it.



 ILLEGAL Immigration is a crime and needs to PUNISHED.

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