Illegal Alien Charged With Murder In Colorado
Was Wanted For Deportation (Video)

Must Know Headlines 9.24.2010


Democrats Put Off Showdown On Bush Cuts Until After November Election

Senate Dems Pushing Another Big Union Payoff 

Chrysler Autoworkers Caught On Camera
Drinking Beer, Smoking Pot During Break

New Jobless Claims Are Up Unexpectedly

Obama Team Uses Flimflammery To Inflate Job Numbers

Missile Defense In GOP’s ‘Pledge To America’

As The World Nukes Up, Obama Cut America’s Missile Defense Over $1 Billion,
Stopped Plan To Expand Aircraft Capable Of Shooting Down Ballistic Missiles

Islamic Bloc Revives Call For U.N. To Set Up
‘International Monitoring Mechanism’ To Track ‘Islamophobia’

The Pledge Shows GOP Willing To Confront Obama

Report: Bono’s ONE Foundation Gave Just 1% Of Funds To Charity

Democrat Controlled Government

Another Bailout: Congress Approves 30-Billion-Dollar Small Business Fund

Homeland Security Accused Of Wasting $500M On Nuke Precautions For Border

The Dept. Of Justice Is Failing To Enforce A Law
That Protects The Voting Rights Of Soldiers Overseas

Democrat-Activist Media

Worst Of The Week: Media Ramp Up Anti-Tea Party Venom

Media Silent As Ohio Dem Party Chair Curses The Tea Party

Mainstream Media Seeks To Generate
Election-Year Sympathy For Obama And The Democrats

Fabrication: Newsweek Makes Up Ground Zero Election Day Tea Party Rally

George Stephanopoulos Parrots Democratic Talking Points
On New GOP Pledge: They’re ‘Repealing Health Care’

Barack Hussein Obama

It Is Now Startlingly Clear That Obama Does NOT Understand
The Threat Facing America And The World From Iran

Ahmadinejad Enlightens The UN About His Longing For The
Return Of The 12th Imam — And His Solidarity With 9/11 Truthers


Weather Underground Terrorist Bill Ayers Denied Emeritus Status

Jihadists Making Themselves At Home In Philadelphia


Maryland: Muslims Whine About “Islamophobia,”
Refuse To Address Jihad Terrorism And Islamic Supremacism

 Shariah: The Threat To America

Islamic Supremacism In The Prisons: Muslim Inmates Suing Jail



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