Illegal Alien Charged With Murder In Colorado
Was Wanted For Deportation (Video)

Must Know Headlines 9.25.2010


Illinois: Chanting “USA” At A Football Game Is Offensive To Muslims

Andrew Breitbart Nails Bill Maher: You’re Not A Libertarian, You’re A Socialist

 The Hijacking Of America, Chicago-Style

 Pledge To America Doesn’t Go Far Enough 

 It’s Time For The Republican Party To Realize They Need The Tea Party
More Than The Tea Party Needs The GOP

Video Surfaces Of Taliban Stoning Woman In Northwest Pakistan

Obama’s Highly Racial DOJ

Federal Prosecutor Accuses Justice Dept. Of Reverse Racism

Time For Change: Gov’t Must Address Lawlessness Uncovered By Christopher Coates

 Which Malik Shabazz Visited White House In July 2009, Mr. President?

Ex-DOJ Official Blasts Voting Rights Enforcement


Stephen Colbert: Dem’s Trained Clown
Trotted Out To Distract From Obama DOJ Scandal

Clown Colbert’s Democrat Enablers Make Mockery Of Immigration Policy

Stephen Colbert’s Big Gay House Subcommittee Joke (Video)

Colbert Embarrasses Dems; Conyers Asks Comedian To Leave

With Joblessness Near Double Digits, Federal Spending Hurtling Us Toward National
Bankruptcy & An Islamist Terror Regime Seeking Nukes, What Is Congress Doing?


Obamacare: 6 Months Later

Pelosi Says Democrats  ‘Stand By’ Obamacare… Even Though They Didn’t Read
Or Write The Bill And Specifically Exempted Themselves From It

Obamacare Is Already Making Health Care Less Affordable And Less Available

Democrat-Controlled Government

NOAA’s Law Enforcement Behaving Badly

Get Money Out Of Politics – After You Give To The House Senate Victory Fund

The Recession Has Exposed Just How Nice And Cozy
— And Unaffordable — Working For The Government Can Be

Clinton’s Slander Against Israeli Democracy

DOJ Official Coates Implicates Carnahan
For Refusing To Strike Dead People From Voter Roles





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