16 States Using Voting Machines From George Soros-Linked Company

Must Know Headlines 10.05.2010


 Radical Muslims Want America Ruled By Shariah

 Pakistan: Muslims Murder Entire Christian Family, Including Five Children

The Jihad Against A Seattle Cartoonist

Geert Wilders Faces Possible Year In Prison For Calling Quran A ‘Fascist Book’

The Obama Administration Joins A U.N. Council
That Condemns The Jewish State And Praises Barbaric Regimes

A Free Press Means Free From Government Control

Fake Nevada Tea Party Candidate Ashjian Says
Tea Party Express Is “Racist”- Bashes Sharron Angle (Video)

Get Ready For International Global Warming Lawsuits

‘One Nation’ … Under Socialism

Barack Hussein Obama

 The ‘Special Interests’ That President Obama Deplores
Are Merely The Citizens And Associations That Oppose His Policies

President Obama’s Payout To Community Organizers

Walter Mondale To Obama: How About You Lay Off Those “Idiot Boards,” Champ?

Democrat-Controlled Government

BREAKING: Democrat Introduces Legislation To End Right-To-Work States

Holder Is AWOL On Military Voting–
Justice Fails To Protect The Votes Of Those Who Protect America

Narrowing The Rights Of The Minority;
“Filibuster Reform” Is The New Cause Of The Left 

Fed Boss: Threat From Deficits ‘Real And Growing’

Jihadi Commandos In Europe…And On American Soil

Democrat-Activist Media

Truth-Seeking With Lawrence O’Donnell And Matt Taibbi:
Tea Party Is ‘Narcissistic,’ ‘Incredibly Stupid’

ABC Sanitizes Left Wing Rally, Excludes Communist And Socialist Signs

Media Pounce On GZ Imam’s “Death Threats” Yet Ignore Death Threats
From Islamic Supremacists And Their Allies In The U.S

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