Mom Whose Daughter Was 'Brutally Murdered' By Illegal Has
Message For Dem Gov Ignoring Trump's Immigration Order

Must Know Headlines 10.08.2010


Obama Letting 30 Big Corporations Off The Hook With ObamaCare Waivers:
Biggest Waiver, For 351,000 People, For United Fed. Of Teachers Welfare Fund

Gallup Finds U.S. Unemployment At 10.1% In September

Unemployment Up, Media Silent (And Gov’t Lied About Job Losses)

NRA Is Supporting An Unprecedented Number Of Democrats This Year;
Their Support Could Make The Crucial Difference For Dems To Keep Majority

Beef Industry: U.S. May Need ‘Strategic Hamburger Reserve’
After Obama EPA Implements New Regulations

Judge In Michigan Upheld The Authority Of The Federal Government
To Require Everyone To Have Health Insurance

Jan Brewer: Why Are Foreign Governments
 Submitting Briefs In The DOJ’s Lawsuit Against Arizona? 

Barack Hussein Obama

72,000 Stimulus Checks Sent To The Dead

The Criminal Intent Of ObamaCare

Thug In Chief: A Republican Victory Would Mean “Hand To Hand Combat”

Obama’s Anti-Prosperity Crusade;
How The President’s Contempt For Tax-Cuts Threatens The Poor

Was Obama’s Oil Spill Response ‘Not Fully Competent’ Or ‘Not Fully Candid’? 


 MTV Screens Obama Town Hall Audience For Political Views, Good Looks

Worst Of The Week: Media Fulfilling Their Role In Democrats’ 2010 Playbook

The Democrats’ Latest Talking Point

Biden: ‘You’re The Dullest Audience I’ve Ever Spoken To’

Democrats Cash-Poor Tale Of Woe Ignores
$250 Million Coming From Unions, Liberal Groups

The Colbert Democrats

Democrat-Activist Media

Worst of the Week: Media Fulfilling Their Role in Democrats’ 2010 Playbook

Reuters Plops Old Priest Photo Into Obama-Cozy-With-Christians Story

 The View Ignores Whether Government Should Dictate Citizens’ Diets


Angle: Muslim Law Taking Hold In Parts Of US

Ground Zero Mosque Developer Lashes Out

What’s The Difference Between A Tea Party And Oscar Night?
You See Black People At Tea Parties



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