15 Fake News Stories Since Trump Won POTUS

Must Know Headlines 10.14.2010


U.S. Digs In To Rescue Chilean Miners

Joe Biden: ‘It’s Just Too Hard To Explain Our Policies”

Republicans Need To Man Up And Ask Black Voters, ‘Are You Better Off?’

Good-Bye Job Killing Moratorium, Hello Job Killing Regulations

Internet Freedom Under Siege

Jewish-Republican Candidate’s Signs… Media Silent

Teachers Union Wins, Students Lose In DC

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama Says He’s Learned That “There’s No Such
Thing As Shovel-Ready Projects” For Public Works

The EPA Ozone Regs: Another Obama Jobs Killer

Running From Bam: No One Is Defending
 President Obama’s Legislative Accomplishments

Obama’s Fatuous Reaction To Miners’ Rescue

Democrat-Controlled Government

$900 Million To Palestine…For What?

Barbara Boxer (D) Approved Code Pink Trip
To Fallujah To Donate $600,000 to Extremists

Democrats Bribe The Youth Vote With College Tax Credit (Taxpayer Money) 

EPA Funnels Taxpayer Money To Dozens Of Liberal Community Activist Groups

Clueless Democrat-Activist Media

Chris Matthews: Chilean Miners Would Be Dead If They
Followed Tea Party’s ‘Every Man For Himself’ Philosophy

Chris Matthews: Chamber Of Commerce
Causing Unemployment, Hurting Economy

NY Times Reporter Herszenhorn Finds ‘Anger…Fury,’
And Ignorant GOP Voters In Pennsylvania

Media Expand Left-Wing Attack On
Chamber Of Commerce Over ‘Foreign’ Contributions

MSNBC Encourages Blacks To Remain At Bottom Of The Democratic Party

Behar Demonizes Michele Bachmann: ‘She’s Against Children’

CBS2 Reporter Threatens Journalist Over Rahm Questioning

HuffPo To Sponsor Stewart Rally


Soldiers Recall Fort Hood Shooter

While Islamists Censor Adam Lambert, Gutless GLAAD Protests Movie Trailer

Iowa Supreme Court’s Decision To Allow Same-Sex Marriage
Warrants Removal Of The Judges 

Wilders’ Trial: Win One, Lose One

Dutch Court Cuts Jail Time For Jihadist Who Plotted To Kill U.S. Troops In Iraq

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