15 Fake News Stories Since Trump Won POTUS

Obama Sits Down With Jon Stewart To Defend His Marxist/Saul Alinsky/Commie Policies & Tactics, Tells Voters To Vote Early


Posted By Liz Rodriguez

Obama despises FOX News for reporting the truth about him, but he will go on Jon Stewart’s ‘The Daily Show’ for a “serious” interview.

Stewart called Obama dude.

Washington Examiner reported:

Obama barely cracked any jokes during an appearance Wednesday on “The Daily Show” despite host Jon Stewart’s attempts to draw out the president’s humorous side with a few of his own snarky wisecracks.

Less than a week before the critical Nov. 2 congressional elections, Obama said he hopes Democratic lawmakers who made tough votes will be rewarded with another term in office. He promised more accomplishments in the two years left on his own term in the Oval Office and urged people to vote — early if they can.

Yay! More socialism from Democrats if they get 2 more years. I wonder how many more industries they will take over. Why would Obama urge people to vote early? It’s because it’s easier to cheat that way.

“Are you disappointed in how it’s gone?” asked the Comedy Central satirist.

Obama seemed to suggest that he wasn’t disappointed. He said his advisers had told him during the euphoria of his 2008 election to “enjoy this now because two years from now folks are going to be frustrated. That is, in fact, what’s happening.”

Yes, killing capitalism in your attempt to transform America into a socialist sytem is bound to piss people off.

He listed as reasons a 9.6 percent unemployment rate, sinking housing values and an economy that is growing but not fast enough. But Obama said his administration has also stabilized the economy, noting it has grown for nine months in a row.

 He also signed major health care and financial legislation. Obama suggested that his administration did so much that “we have done things that some folks don’t even know about.” READ MORE

The comment seemed to catch Stewart by surprise.

That is because Stewart is so partisan that he obviously refuses to face reality and acknowledge news that conflicts with his political ideology. Either that or he is Marxist Commie.


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