Must Know Headlines 10.31.2010


Harry Reid Promises Lame-Duck Illegal Alien Bailout Vote;
GOP Presses DHS On Deportations

Will Voters Set U.S. Free From Obama’s Hold?

$1 Billion Paid To Dead People, Senator Reports

Congresswoman: People Are Planning To Die Soon To Avoid New Estate Taxes

Top Ten Reasons Why Sharia Is Bad For All Societies

Standing Tall: The Rise And
Resilience Of Conservative Women

A State-By-State Glance At Tuesday’s Election

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama’s Plight:
It’s Different From Reagan In 1982 And Clinton In 1994

Barack Obama Is A Fabian Socialist

Obama Fires Back At AIDS Protesters,
 Tells Them To Hassle GOP

 The Obama Admin’s “Muslim Outreach” Policy Pays Too
Little Attention To Success Stories In The Middle East

Is Obama Really An Intellectual?

Rally For Sanity

Colbert & Stewart Bash America & Mock
Conservatives In Worst Rally Song Ever (Video)

Jon Stewart And Stephen Colbert:
 Are They Pro-Islamofascist Or Just Stupid?

The Stewart/Colbert Shark Jumping Contest

Rally For ‘Sanity’ Had Its Share Of Hatred

Colbert, Stewart Fans Plan To Vote Dem, No Matter Who Runs

So, How Much Sanity Was There In D.C. Yesterday?

Signs At Stewart/Colbert Rally Show Republicans With Hitler Mustaches

Democrat-Controlled Congress

Boxer’s Sweetheart Deal With Reinstated Indian Tribe

You Like Your Medicare Advantage Plan,
You Probably Cannot Keep It

Democrat-Activist Media

Anchorage CBS Affiliate Caught On Voicemail
Conspiring Against Alaska’s GOP Senate Candidate

Ladies Of ‘The Talk’ Deem Sarah Palin ‘Ignorant’ But ‘Hot’


UK Security Minister: Multiculturalism Has Meant More Mosques,
More Vote-Buying, More Resentment, Less Integration

Wikileaks Provides Another Clue That Iranian Missiles Are In Iraq


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