Must Know Headlines 11.4.2010


‘$200 Million-A-Day’ Cost Of Barack Obama’s
Trip To India Will Be Picked Up By U.S. Taxpayers

Taj Prepares Premium Liquor Cabinet For Obama

Take Your Olive Branch And Shove It, Democrats

Who The Hell Are These People To Decide The Limits Of Our Freedom?

Worst Speaker In History, Nancy Pelosi: “I Have No Regrets” (Video)

Three Americans Charged
With Funneling Money To Terrorists

Imitating Muhammad: 80-Year-Old Muslim
Marries 14-Year-Old Girl

Confirmed: Happy Meals Now Banned In San Francisco

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama’s 3,000-Person
Entourage Accompanying Him To Mumbai

Obamanomics Rejected

Progressives Increase Their Power Over Obama

2010 Election

Count Every Military Ballot!

Oklahoma Bans Sharia Law

Tuesday’s Election Was 
A Vote To Bring The 19th Century To An End

GOP Wins 17 Targeted State Legislatures

Epic Fail In Voter Fraud Leads To Investigation In Missouri 3rd Race

North Carolina: The Strangest Beast In All Of Politics

The Winners And Losers From This Week’s Election

Americans Use Secret Ballot To Help Stop Big Labor Assault On Secret Ballot

Democrat-Activist Media

Allegations Against Clarence Thomas Highlight Media’s Double Standard (Again)

Lib Talker Bill Press Election Reaction:
Blame Stupid, Crazy, Dumb America Over And Over POLITICS

FNC Election Ratings Beat CNN And MSNBC Combined


National Cancer Institute Must Tell Women Abortion, Breast Cancer Linked

Cuba, Venezuela, Iran Top The List Of Countries
Lining Up To Scrutinize U.S. Human Rights Record During U.N. Review



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