Must Know Headlines 11.07.2010


Classic: MSNBC Names Olbermann’s
Fill-In Host, Then Lets Him Go For Same Reason

The Fed’s “War On Wealth” And The Risk Of Default

Feds Spend  $700,000 To Study Cow Burps 

Breaking Video: Alaska State Contractor Tells Employees To
Vote For Murkowski Because She Will Bring In The Bucks

70 Killed In Taliban Attacks On Pakistani Mosques

China, Cuba, Libya and Saudi Arabia,
Among Other Human Rights Violators Criticize US At UN

Obama, Clinton, Pushing For
 ‘Lame-Duck’ Ratification Of New Arms-Reduction Treaty

New Congress

Conservative Candidates Saved the GOP, Yet Our Elites Rip Them

Video: Rubio Gives GOP Address, Calls 2010 The Republican “Second Chance”

How The New Congress Can Roll Back Obama’s Agenda

2010: The Year When Democrat Women Lost
And Were Replaced By Republican Women In Congress

Now Hold Their Feet To The Fire

Obama’s Wasteful & Unnecessary Vacation To India

Obama And Michelle Bust A Move In India…..Says He Is There To Boost Economy


 Obama Calls India Creator, Not Poacher, Of US Jobs

Bomb-Proof Tunnel With Air conditioning: Obama’s
Security Go To Extraordinary Measures For His Tour Of The Gandhi Museum

Obama In India: I Must Make ‘Midcourse Corrections’

Obama To Use Teleprompter For Hindi Speech

Democrat-Activist Media

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell Proudly Proclaims: ‘I Am A Socialist’

Climate Alarmism At The New York Times

Fire The Media


Kanye West To George Bush:
 I Know Exactly How You Feel About Being Called Racist


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