Must Know Headlines 11.15.2010


 Waiver-Mania! The Ever-Expanding Obamacare Escapee List  

  Health Care Reform Group Gets Waiver From… Health Care Reform?

GE Buys Volts, Taxpayers Get Charged 

  Watch The Amazing Fed Turn A Dollar Into A Dime!

  Republicans Launch Fresh Attack On Fed Move; 
GOP Economists, Lawmakers Call For Abandoning $600 Billion Bond Purchase

Why Do Blacks Still Buy The Government Plantation Lie?  

   Why Are Americans Still So Ignorant About Race?
A Newsflash: Not All Blacks In America Are Descendants Of Slaves

Barack Hussein Obama

 Smackdown In Seoul: Obama Gets An ‘F’ in South Korea–
 BO Has Just Created A Rift With A Nation Of Increasing Importance To The US

  Gangster Gov. & Gulf Oil Spill– Jindal Says Obama Threatened Him,
Emanuel Threw Around F-Bombs, Chewed Out Governor’s Staff

Obama: The American Press Never Says Thank You 

 Obama’s Claiming More Power Over Americans
Than King George III, Says Virginia Attorney General

Nailed! ACORN Supervisor Convicted For Election Fraud 

Listen Below To What Obama Thinks About ACORN


   Charlie Rangel

Democrat-Activist Media

Krugman: Death Panels And VAT Will Fix Debt Crisis  

Man Up, Media And Open Your Eyes!

In Denial: AP Report Dodges Obvious
Potential Reasons For Friday Dive In U.S. Bond Prices

NY Times Con Job: “DAISY KHAN Had Never Seen So Many Jews In Her Life.”

‘New York Times’ Gushes Over Communist Community Center

It Begins… State-Run Media Tries To
Paint Far Left McCaskill As “Centrist” — Good Luck!

WaPo’s Marcus Says ‘Deranged’ To Not Raise Taxes


Arkansas Jihadist: “Step By Step I Became A Religiously Devout Muslim, Mujahid
— Meaning One Who Participates In Jihad”

Soros, Beck, And The Holocaust

Who’s Who In The American Muslim Brotherhood

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