Must Know Headlines 12.05.2010


How High Does The Unemployment Rate
Have To Get Before Dems Re-Think Tax Hikes?

Michele Bachmann: Zero Out Funding For Obama’s Czars And Obamacare

Boehner On 9.8% Unemployment: Dem Leaders
Should Stop Wasting Time On Tax Hike Votes 

Fla. Follows Arizona’s Lead On Illegals: Will Obama Sue Florida Too?

Muslims Celebrate The Death Of Jews…..Again

Eco-Fascists Gone Wild –Exposing The Union Climate Con


Government Workers Ordered Not To Read Wikileaks Cables

Obama Administration State Department Threatens Students:
Do Not Post WikiLeaks On Facebook Or Twitter

Bank Of America Sets Up Swat Team To Combat Wikileaks

WikiLeaks Ready To Release Giant ‘Insurance’ File If Shut Down

WikiLeaks: Kill The Messenger, They Say; What About The Message?

National Security—Without It Nothing Else Matters–

Top 10 Reasons To NOT Put Defense Spending ‘On The Table’

Missile Malpractice:
New START Needs Clarification

Provide For The Missile Defense

Barack Hussein Obama

As America Burns, Obama’s Eyes Are Set On A Christmas Vacation In Hawaii

Obama’s Authoritarian Multiculturalism

Senate Blocks Obama’s Tax Increase On Small Business

Obama’s FTA Delay; Passage Of A Free-Trade Agreement With
South Korea Will Have Happened Largely Despite Obama, Not Because Of Him

Democrat Controlled Government

Why The Lame Duck Session Of Congress Is So Dangerous

Howard Dean Reveals Alinsky Tactics Of The Left

Still No Compromise: Senate Shoots Down Two Bills To Extend Bush-Era Tax Cuts 

For Class-Warfare Dems: A Reminder About Who “The Rich” Are

Democrat-Activist Media

‘An Absolute Disgrace’: CNN’s Parker Spitzer
Finds Blast Of Dissent Against Tax-Evading Rangel

CBS Commiserates Over ‘Painful’ Expulsion Of Rangel, Looks For ‘Silver Lining’

Helen Thomas “Those Rich Zionists Control Congress,
The White House, And Hollywood, And Wall Street”


Hollywood Myth-Making On Valerie Plame Controversy 

 Union Tells NFL Players To Save Pay In Case Of Lockout



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