Must Know Headlines 12.09.2010


DREAM Act Update: Senate Tables Cloture Vote, Stalled Another Week

German Media: Iran Is Stockpiling
Shahab 3 Missiles In Venezuela That Can Reach US

Obama Officially Abandons Missile Defense In Europe

WikiLeaks: Saddam Hussein Possessed Weapons Of Mass Destruction
— And Intended To Restart His Program

Obama Loves It: New START Could Help China’s Nuclear Program Catch Ours

Islamists Training TSA Scanners! Yes, You Read That Correctly

NASA Sold Computers Containing Secrets

Food Stamp Rolls Continue To Rise

Small-Biz Killers: Who Pays For Jobless Benefits?

Invasion: The US Has No Borders

House Democrats Push Through Bill To Legalize Children Of Illegals:
Will Cost Taxpayers Billions


House Passes DREAM Act Will The Senate Seal The Deal?

Criminal Salma Hayek – Hayek: ‘I Was An Illegal Immigrant’

Dem Congressman: Illegal Aliens Are ‘De Facto Citizens’

 Supreme Court To Determine If Arizona Can
 Penalize Employers For Hiring ILLEGAL Aliens

Because They Hate US:
CNN Lets Two Illegal Immigrants Vouch For the Passage of the DREAM Act

Barack Hussein Obama-Worst President Ever

Redistributing Our Money: Obama Signs
—$4.6 Billion Dollar— Black Farmers Settlement

 Reperations For Black People, Pigford Rife With Fraudulent Claims

All You Needed To Cash In On Pigford Was A Family Member Who
Would Testify That You Tried To Farm Something Between 1983 And 1997

Obama Uses Labor Board To Revive Card Check

WikiLeaks, Stuxnet, Cyberwar, And Obama

The Religion Of Peace

Baltimore Muslim Arrested In Plot To Blow Up Military Recruitment Center 

Diplomat’s Son, Mohammed Abou-Sabaa, Caught On CCTV Brutally Abusing
His Five-Month-Old Labrador Puppy

Sharia In Sudan: Woman Brutally Lashed—
Good Thing Judge Vicki Miles-LaGrange Made Oklahoma Safe For Sharia

Baltimore Jihadist Posted On Facebook Calling For Violence To Stop
“Oppression Of Muslims,” And Saying He “Hated”
Anyone Who Opposed Allah And Muhammad

Hamas TV: Allah, Kill Christians, Jews And Communists “To The Last One”…


The Oprah Cries Over Lesbian Talk:
What’s Wrong With Being A Lesbian? Why’s She Crying

Glenn Beck Demands Apology From Forbes Magazine For Soros Comments


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