Must Know Headlines 12.10.2010


 AFL-CIO Leader Accepts Communist Party Award: ‘I Stand With Them’

You Won’t Believe What You Paid For GM Bailout

When Jihad-Bent American Muslims Target American Soldiers
On American Soil, Why Does America Yawn? 

Sudan Government Seeking To Intensify Jihad:
A Leaked Memo Should Be Taken Very Seriously By U.S. Policy-Makers

Soak The Rich (And Leave Us All Poorer)

Arizona Immigration Law In The Supreme Court:
Employers Who Knowingly Hire Illegal Aliens

UN Report Condemns Child Marriage And Violence Against Afghan Women,
But Blames Local Interpretations Of Islam Even Though It’s In Qur’an

Tax Deal

Dem’s “Tax Cut” Bill Includes Gifts To Rum Producers And Hollywood

Oh, Christmas Tree! Tax Deal Larded Up With TARP Special Interest Provisions

Pelosi Flees Tax Increase Wars; Jets To–Taxpayer Funded– Oslo For Nobel Ceremony

DEM REP BLAMES SPEAKER PELOSI For Holding Tax Cuts Hostage (Video)

Tax Cut Bill Expands To Include Energy Provisions


Pigford’s Original Black Farmers Unhappy Over Massive Fraud – Media Ignores

The Pigford President: Obama Signs Black Farmers Settlement 

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama Honors Nobel Winner With Statement About Himself

Hamas Leader Urges Resumption Of Terror As Obama’s Peace Initiative Founders


Obama Wants To Send $400 Million For “Humanitarian Aid” To The Palestinians
In The Gaza Strip, An Area Controlled By The Terrorist Organization Hamas

WIKILEAKED: Obama Tried to Stop Kenya
Passing Armaments To Besieged South Sudanese

 Obama’s Missing Link: From Marxist Mentor To Marxist Professors To Marxist Policies

Obama Sets Himself Up To Win No Matter What Happens To Economy

Obama’s Green Economy Mirage:
How Can An Economy Grown Without A Growth In Manufacturing?


 We Come In Peace: Liberals Don’t Understand Why Terrorists Want Them Dead

Terrorist Supporter Teaches Next Generation Of
Diplomats At One Of America’s “Best” Conservative Liberal Arts Colleges

Climate Change Conference

UN Climate Change Delegates Support
Prank Petition To Ban Water & Derail U.S. Economy

In Cancun, Hypocritical Climate Change Conference Stomps Giant Carbon Footprint

Democrat-Activist Media

Sloppy ABC Misleads On Estate Tax Being ‘Slashed’; It Will Actually Increase 35 Percent

NBC’s Vieira: Is Failure To Raise Taxes A “Disaster In The Making?”


Clinton Promises ‘Review’ Of Procedures
After TSA Pat-Down Of Indian Envoy Causes Stir