Must Know Headlines 12.17.2010


Border Patrol Agent Killed By Washington’s Inaction

In April-May-June Quarter, Foreign-Born Workers In U.S.
Gained 656,000 Jobs.  And Native-Born Americans Lost 1.2 Million

Repeal Obama’s Drilling Ban That Slashed Oil & Gas Production
And Cost US Trillions In Revenue And Tens Of Thousands Of Jobs

Food Prices Rise Sharply – And There’s More To Come

Free Wesley! Hollywood Defends Terrorists, Dictators,
Child Rapists & Cop Killers … But Tax Cheats Go Too Far

Austrian Man Convicted For
Yodelling While Muslim Neighbours Prayed

Hugo Chavez’s Latest Power Grab


Senate To Take Lame Duck Votes
Saturday On ‘Don’t Ask’ Repeal, DREAM Act

That Pesky Constitution—
It Keeps Getting In The Way Of The Left’s Agenda

Congress Is Playing Fast And Loose With Our National Security

U.S. Attorney General:
Martin Luther King Father Of Environmental Justice Movement

To Appease Liberals, House Will Vote
On Change To Estate-Tax Provision In Bill


House GOP Pledging Weekly Spending Cut Votes — But Is It Enough?

Christmas Comes Early…
RINO Murkowski Pays Back Indian Supporters Ten-Fold!

House GOP May Require Constitutional Test For All New Legislation


Reagan Aide Perle: START ‘Seriously Flawed’

 Release The START Negotiating Record

Democrat-Activist Media

Obama Approval Hits New Low
But The Media Treat Him Differently Than Bush

Media Rewrites News: “Park 51 Opponents Cancel Protest”

Ed Schultz Producer’s Advice To Obama On Handling CEOs:
‘Put A Gun To Their Head’

The Top 10 Worst Julian Assange Metaphors:
Lefty Media Falls Over Itself Conjuring
 Comparisons To Anti-American Hacker


Man Accused Of Hate Attack On Imam Cleared Of All Charges

The Red Cross Bans Christmas To Avoid Offending Muslims 

Feds Bust Suspected Yemeni Terror Ring In N.C.


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