Must Know Headlines 12.22.2010


Why America Needs Nuclear Arms

The Missile Threat From Russia

New START Will Weaken America;
Dems Trying To Sneak It Through In Lame Duck

‘Lame Duck’ Congress 2006 Republicans [Flashback]:
An Opportunity To Compare And Contrast Via Washington Post Archives 

START Vote Expected Today;
Ratification All But Certain

U.S. Director of National Intelligence Asked
About Recent London Terror Arrests: Umm, What Terror Arrests?

Government Control Of Internet

Dictator Obama Seizes Control Of Internet

It’s Time To Stop The FCC Internet Czars

Net Neturality Is The Obamacare Of The Web

US Regulators Approve ‘Net Neutrality’

 FCC Ruling Paves The Way For A Government Takeover

Democrat Government

Obama Supported Ousted Honduran Thug Zelaya To Appease Chavez

Gay Barney Frank (D):
Straight Soldiers Must Shower With Gays,
But Not Women With Men

Obama To Sign ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Repeal

Wikileaks: Obama Regime Knew Ousted Honduran
Leader Was Socialist Pig – Backed Him To Please Chavez


The $41,000 Toilet You Paid For:
Senator Issues 2010 Wastebook Detailing Abusive Government Spending

Costs Not Related To The Quality Of The End Product
— Costs Created Entirely By Overbearing Government —
Have Destroyed US Manufacturing Sector

 The Unrepentant Terrorist Who Was
Offered Clemency By Bill Clinton Is Up For Parole

 How Democrats Sabotage Job Creation

Mike Huckabee (R)

Running Scared, Mike Huckabee Sides With Michelle Obama
Against Sarah Palin On ‘Food Fight’

 Huckabee Commutes Sentences
Of Killers Serving Life Sentences Without Parole

Huckabee Pardoned Or Commuted The Sentences
Of 1033 People During His 10 1/ 2 Years In Office

Many Of Which Have Killed And Raped Again…Thanks Mike!

UPDATES: Huckabee & The Seattle Cop Killings

How Huckabee Worked To Free Rapist Wayne Dumond

Democrat-Activist Media

NOT A JOKE– Ed Schultz: Obama’s Had A Great
First Two Years in Office – Far Better Than Reagan

MSNBC’s Chris “Thrill Up My Leg” Matthews Wins Quote Of The Year

Matthews Renews Obama Adoration

Washington Post Bigotry: Marine Corps Commandant
Should Resign, Because He Raised Concerns About DADT?!

WSJ: Before She Reads C.S. Lewis,
Joy Behar Has Some Growing Up To Do


Saudi King (The One Obama Bowed To) Interested in Moving Ground Zero
Mosque to Defunct Hospital, NYPost Reports

Illegal Immigrants Factor Into 2010
Census Results, Congressional Makeup