Merry Christmas!
Must Know Headlines 12.25.2010


Nigeria: At Least 31 Dead In Christmas Eve Bombings

Christmas Jihad Attacks On Churches In Philippines, Nigeria

 Islamic Extremist Has Threatened In An Audiotaped Message
To Set Off Bombs In Countries Celebrating Christmas

Communist North Korea Threatens
War Over Giant Steel Christmas Tree

As America Celebrates Christmas,
Rev. Franklin Graham Says Secular ‘War’ Rages Against Christians

US Troops In Iraq Celebrate Christmas

Sarah Palin: Merry Christmas To All!

God And The Republic

Santa Clauses Around The World – Photos

Un-Merry Christmas From The ACLU

A Christmas Wish For Our Troops

Bethlehem Sees Record Pilgrim Crowd For Christmas

Pope Condemns ‘Oppressors’ In Christmas Message

Seasons Greetings… Black Extremists Scream Racist Insults &
Attack Christians At Oklahoma City Bus Terminal On Christmas Eve (Video)

Ground Zero Mosque

GZ Imam To Tour Nation Promoting GZ Mosque &
“To Inspire Interfaith Understanding;
 Starts Tour In Detroit
 Which Has North America’s Largest Muslim Population

Bloomberg Worked Behind The
Scenes To Get Ground Zero Mosque Approved


After Taking Over Healthcare, Student Lending, GM, Chrysler, Banks,
Obama Says, Again,  His Singular Focus Will Be Economic Growth

America’s Stubbornly Liberal Leaders
 Keep Millions Looking For Work

Obamacare: The Price Controls Begin 

 Former Agriculture Secretary Confirms FBI Investigations
Into USDA Inside-Job Pigford Fraud

What Do Liberals Have To Show
For 50 Years Of Horrible Policies?

New Tax Law Has Breaks For TV Shows,
Grants For Windmills, Rum Subsidies For Puerto Rico 

Democrat-Activist Media

Media Demanding Respect for Obama While Still Bashing Bush

Network Reporters And Sunday Hosts Rue Increased
Deficit From Tax Compromise, As If Not Hiking Taxes Is A ‘Cost’

Obama’s Mouthpiece? ABC’s Cokie Roberts
Says Voters Will Make Republicans Compromise In 2011??


A Party Where Pain Is The Main Guest

 Israel On U.N.’s 2011 Hit List

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