Must Know Headlines 12.28.2010


Obama And Holder Demand Unilateral Control
The Constitution Does Not Give To Them

Feed Me, Obama, Feed Me: The Plan for Food Dependency–
The Greatest Tyrants In History Have Used Food As A Method Of Control

Why Do So Many Socialists And Anti-Free Speech
Advocates Also Support The New Federal Internet Regulations? 

Islamic Supremacists Envision A Takeover Of The Internet

If Christians Were Treated Like Muslims

 Big Government Strikes Back

Energy Policies Will Cost U.S. – Dearly


Sneaking End-Of-Life Consultations Into Obamacare

Berwick Sets Up Death Panels By Fiat

Obamacare Program For Uninsured Failing In Many States

Regulated To Death By ObamaCare?

A Confused President

Obama Still Claiming Gitmo
Is Al-Qaeda’s “Number One Recruitment Tool”

 But He Keeps It Open Anyway

 Obama Embraces ‘Death Panel’ Concept In Medicare Rule

The New GOP

Revealed: How The GOP Plans To
Block Obama’s Executive Branch Power Next Year

GOP Sen.-Elect Paul: Attach Spending Cuts To Every ‘Major’ Bill

Congressional Review Act Is The First Line
Of Defense Against Obama’s Regulatory Power Grabs

Democrat-Activist Media

Washington Post Blasts Conservatives
 Questioning Role Of Government In Nutrition

Journalist Group Launches
“Journalistic Campaign Against The Term ‘Illegal Immigrant’

State-Run Media Gives Obama-Pelosi Regime One Last Wet Kiss:
“Congress The Most Productive Since Great Society” (Video)

NYT Paints Fairy Tale Caricature Of Obama

Birther Chris Matthews: Release Obama’s Birth Certificate–
MSNBC Host Asks ‘Why Doesn’t The President
Just Say, Send Me A Copy Right Now?’

In Show-Ending Poem, CBS’s Schieffer Spins
Christmas Classic Into Critique of Tea Party, AZ Immigration Law


Nigeria: Jihad Group Claims Responsibility For Christmas Eve
Bombs That Killed 32, Vows More Attacks On “Disbelievers”