Must Know Headlines 1.1.2011


The Stealthy Spread Of Socialism In The U.S.

The Obama Administration’s Administrative Tyranny Marches On

The Key New Year’s Resolution: Stop The EPA

Top Ten Reasons America Won’t Miss The 111th Congress

2010: The Year They Came for the Constitution 



 2010 Was By Far The Deadliest Year For U.S. Troops In Afghanistan
—One American Killed Every 18 Hours

Democrat-Activist Media

Wa Post Editorialist Admires Members Of
Taliban’s Armies, Are Just As Good As U.S. Soldiers

MSNBC Host & Panelist Karen Hunter Pray
For Sarah Palin To Go Away For “America’s Sake” (Video

NPR Reviews 2010 In American
Victimization Of Muslims, Gays, and Blacks


Half Hour Into New Year,
Muslim Suicide Bomber Kills 21 Leaving New Year’s Church Service

Iraqi Christians Again Under Attack In Deadly Bombings

Women’s Rights Steadily Eroding
 In Iraq As Islamic Supremacists Gain Power


Frances Fox Piven (D) Rings In The
New Year By Calling For Violent Revolution

Why The Left Loves Tyrants And Terrorists

Blumenauer Runs From His Death-Panel Memo

Public-Sector Unions Politically Exploited The Blizzard,
It’s Time To Privatize


Kansas Lawmaker More Inspired
Than Ever To Do Away With Lame Duck

Video: GOProud Chief Defends
Conservatism From MSNBC Tool


NKorea Warns War Will Bring “Nuclear Holocaust



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