Must Know Headlines 1.4.2011


Who Needs State Ownership When Government
Can Micro-Manage Via Regulation
And Tax Away Most Of The Economic Benefit Of An Enterprise?

National Debt Crosses $14 Trillion Threshold

Declassified Documents And Letters Link
Early ACLU Leaders With Communist Party

Cops: Former Bush Official Killed, Found In Landfill

Arizona Introducing Bill To Encourage
Other States To Deny Anchor Babies Citizenship

Minority Students Get The Short End Of Democrat Stick

NYC Sanitation Workers Being Investigated For Boozing During Blizzard

Progressive Media: “Obamacare Is An Attack Word”


HHS Using Tax Dollars To Secure Top “Obamacare” Google Search Result

Here It Is: Cantor’s ObamaCare Repeal Bill Goes Online

Obamacare Ends Construction Of Doctor-Owned Hospitals

ObamaCare Repeal Vote Next Week,
Bill To De-Fund Abortion Soon

They’re Back! The Return Of The Death Panels

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama Rewards Syrian Terrorism

Obama Jobs Death Toll:
Killing The Drilling Industry

Dictator Obama Ready To Deploy
Executive Powers Against GOP Hill


DeMint On A Government Shutdown: Bring It

Boehner Takes On Radical-In-Chief

Tea Party Now ‘Conscience’ Of Congressional Republicans

Will The GOP Walk The Walk On The Constitution?
First Read It — Then Defend It

Time To Rein In The EPA’s Authority


Muslims Chant “Allah Akbar” After Car Bomb Kills 21 Christians

Saudi Mufti On Egypt Church Bombing: “Enemies Of Islam
Are Trying To Portray Such Attacks As Orchestrated By Muslims”

Forced Marriage Of Young Girls In Islam

Democrat-Activist Media

Hysterical! David Shuster:
‘MSNBC Will Never Be As Liberal As Fox Is Conservative’

NBC Promotes ‘Princess Boy’ Propaganda:  ‘Today’ Show Fawned Over
A Cross-Dressing Five-Year-Old And His Book-Touting Mother

New York Times Buries Admission Of Self Interest In Chevron Story


82 Percent Of U.S. Casualties In Afghanistan
In 2010 Occurred In Provinces Bordering Pakistan

Stop FALN Terror Chief’s Release From Prison

Report: Iran Tortures Nuke Scientist After US Return

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