Must Know Headlines 1.10.2011


Jared Loughner’s Behavior Recorded By College Classmate In E-Mails;
Classmate Feared He Would Shoot Up Classroom With Automatic Weapon

 Twisted Shrine In Arizona Killer Jared Lee Loughner’s Yard

 The Left, Not The Right, Owns Political Violence

Must Know Arizona Shooting Headlines

Obama: “They Bring a Knife…We Bring A Gun”

“Never Let A Serious Crisis Go To Waste
What I Mean By That Is It’s An
Opportunity To Do Things You Couldn’t Do Before.”

(1) Democrats Will Introduce
Legislation Outlawing Inflammatory Language (Video)

(2)Dem Rep. James Clyburn Uses Giffords
Tragedy To Call For Return To Fairness Doctrine

(3) Carolyn McCarthy (D) Readies Gun Control Bill


Congressmen Say They Will Carry Firearms In Their Home Districts

Army: Ariz. Gunman Tried To Join Army, Was Rejected

Arizona Mourns Death Of Beloved Federal Judge

Father Of 9-Year-Old Shooting Victim Speaks

Democrat-Activist Media

The Hateful Left, Where Incendiary
Political Rhetoric Truly Resides In America

Washington Post’s Pearlstein
Charges Republican Policies ‘Kill People Rather than Jobs’

Journalists Urged Caution After Ft. Hood,
Now Race To Blame Palin After Arizona Shootings

Mainstream Media:
Conservatives Responsible For Giffords Shooting

MoveOn Launches Campaign Against Vitriolic Language
— Despite Sordid History Of Using Vitriolic Language

Democrats Plotted To Blame The Tea Party Patriots
For Yesterday’s Slaugher In Arizona

A Madman Kills And The Left
Can Only Think Of Blaming Conservatives

CNN’s Spitzer:
Tea Party ‘One Of The Most Vapid, Puerile Groups Out There’

The Shame — And Hypocrisy — Of CNN

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama—Making It Up As We Go Along

Obama’s Gitmo Melodrama


Sudan: Charting the Course Ahead

Nigeria: Jihadis Open Fire In Bar, Murdering Seven

Boehner Postpones Abortion,
Health Care Votes After Giffords Shooting

Why Fear Of Death Panels Is Real;
End-Of-Life Discussions Shouldn’t Involve Government

The Constitution Did Not Condone Slavery