Must Know Headlines 1.16.2011


Herman Cain: Blacks Finally Hearing Truth On GOP

            Herman Cain Is Running For President, And He’s In It To Win It          

How Long Before The Left Frames Tea Party For A Violent Act?

Radicals In Planning Stages Of Massive Raucous U.S. Protests

Portraits Of Those Killed, Wounded In Arizona

Two Days Before A Nutcase Attacked Giffords,
The Daily Kos Printed The Words:
“My CongressWOMAN Voted Against Nancy Pelosi!
And Is Now DEAD To Me!”

Democrat-Activist Media

Bill Maher To Tea Party Members:
‘The Founding Fathers Would Have Hated Your Guts’

Sheriff Dupnik: An MSNBC Star Is Born:
Sheriff Of Pima County Is Troubled By Vitriol
Only When It Comes From The Mouths Of Conservatives

In The Leftist Pile-On Blaming The Tucson Shootings On The Right,
The Collective Voice Of Hollywood Was Muted. Here’s Why

Oscar Nod ‘Inside Job’ Pro-Obama Propaganda:
Documentary Filmmaker’s $220,000 To Dems Exposes Political Activism

Tucson Shooting

Tucson Shooting Victim/Democracy NOW Interviewee Who Blamed
The Right For Massacre Screams At Tea Party Leader:
‘Trent Humphries You’re Dead!’

 Meet Eric Fuller, The Audience Member
Who Threatened Tea Party Leader 

Geraldo Rivera: Town Hall Death Threat
‘Ironically Came From A Hard-Core Liberal’

Tucson Shooting Victim Charged
For Death Threat To Tea Party Leader

Theme Of “Together We Thrive” At Memorial
T-Shirt Came From Obama’s Organizing For America

About Those Memorial T-Shirts


Democrat Diversion Strategy Succeeds Again

Seventy Five Percent Of Americans Want Obamacare Law Changed

Obama Promised 5 Million Jobs In Campaign Gas Ad…
Now Gas Prices Are Up 55% & He’s The Worst Jobs
 President Since Great Depression

The Major Political Implications Of QE2


Economic Freedom: America vs. China

EU Sends Out Millions Of Diaries To Schools
Listing Muslim Holidays But Omitting Christmas And Easter


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