Must Know Headlines 1.21.2011


The Damage of Obamacare Has Already Begun

What Do You Call $2.5 Trillion In Spending Cuts?
A Good Start

 Franklin Graham: Spirit Of Anti-Christ Is Everywhere

New Ground Zero Mosque Imam:
“We Have More Of A Right To Moses” Than Jews Have

First Black Tea Party Forms In Houston

Barack Hussein Obama

 Fiercest Regulator, Obama, Seeks Review 
Of Regulatory Burdens On Business

Obama Gearing Up For Re-Election Campaign

Obama Forgets U.S. Made China’s Rise Possible


Guest List For State Dinner For China’s Hu Jintao

Sacrifice Is For the Little People…
Obama White House Serves $199 (Taxpayer Funded)
 Bottles Of Wine At State Dinner

2009 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Hosts The Man
Who Has Imprisoned The 2010 Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Pressed On Human Rights,
Chinese President Gives Stiff-Arm To Congress

Obama Says There’s Been An ‘Evolution’ In Human Rights In China—-
Even Though China Lacks Freedom Of Religion And Of The Press
And Is Run By Communist Party


GOP Investigates Obamacare’s 222 Waivers To Unions, Companies

No Taxpayer Funding For Abortion:
A Spending Cut Whose Time Has Definitely Come

Republicans Plot Course For ObamaCare Replacement


Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen Equates Republicans
With Nazis For Opposing Obamacare.
Where Is The Outrage?

 Video: Democrats Walking Around
With Their Own ObamaCare Interview Backdrops Now

Former ACORN, SEIU Activist Moves From White House To DNC

 Leftist Hero Dupnik Gagged By Pima County Attorney’s Office

Sen Tom Harkin (D) To Fundraise At Lady Gaga Concert

First Lady, Wal-Mart Reach Pact On Nutrition

Democrat-Activist Media

Civility Watch: Palm Beach Post
Columnist Smears Tea Party Parents Of Giffords’ Doctor

Palm Beach Post Columnist Defends Political Smear Story
About Parents Of Giffords’ Doctor By Claiming It Wasn’t Political

AP Insists ‘2010 Second-Worst For Home Construction’;
Evidence Proves Otherwise

Network Morning Shows Ignore
Philadelphia Abortionist’s Murder Arrest

Joan Rivers: Sarah Palin Is A Nazi, Bristol Is Stupid,
It Aired On CNN

On Today: Glenn Beck Hits Back
 Against Meredith Vieira’s Charge Of Hate Talk

NBC News Guest: Gun Metaphors Should Be The New “N-Word”


CAIR Wins Duel With Govt,
 Questions Constitutionality Of ‘No Fly List’

Sharia In The UK: Man Arrested For Burning Qur’an

Parents Group Petitions Congress, Attorney General
To Investigate MTV For Child Pornography In ‘Skins’ Series

Racist Haters At San Francisco BART Refuses
Pro-Israel Ads While Running Jew Hating Anti-Israel Ads



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